Racist History of the Anti Vaccination Movement

It doesn’t seem many nonwhite or racially mixed Americans are clamoring against vaccinations and showing proof as an insult on their liberties. So I did some digging on race with its connection to the movement and found this:

What a way to show contempt for marginalized communities, by likening its origins to the practices of savages and discouraging it as unsafe in various minority communities.

Here’s an image

Anyone see any nonwhite faces in it?

Here’s another:

Here’s the likelihood of being a part of this movement by political affiliation:

Both liberal and conservative candidates running for office would be wise to shun this sick movement with its racist origins and disdain for public health in favor of personal choice.

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So, now if one refuses a vaccine, they’re a racist? :thinking:

I’m sorry, what?

The title refers to racist ORIGINS of the movement. It really is a disgusting movement with public health at the back seat of personal choice.

Here is a breakdown of individuals refusing vaccination by race and gender:

The origins of the movement are rooted in racism.

Today’s modern individual who declines the vaccination is most likely not racist, but part of a troublesome movement nonetheless.

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