Racism is bad, we have to stop discrimination!

It is good that we have had a civil rights movement in America since 1789. Much progress was made in the 60’s to make us a more open society.

Both parties voted to end discrimination in the 64 Civil rights act.

but are we really against discrimination? Or is some discrimination a good thing?

Should Kavanaugh rule the political speech is protected from private discrimination. Or should he say congress must pass a law?

some applaud Facebook and Twitter for private censorship.

Will the progressive side move to protect political speech or will they promote discrimination?

Why should political speech be protected from private discrimination?

why should any activity be protected from private discrimination? the reasons would be the same.
why race, religion, sex, age or anything.

Those protections make the country better.

Does protecting political speech do the same? I’d rather have less people profiting on long term abuse imo.

so you like discrimination or you just think you should decide. equal can be more or less equal.

read Plessy the brown

No they don’t.

You know, that might seem clever to you, but liberals, and most adults that aren’t missing their frontal lobes have no problem with a double standard that extracts a stupid tax from both racists and ■■■■■■■■ like Alex Jones.

How many threads about how much you heart Alex Jones and think all private companies should be forced by law to help him propagate his stupid garbage do you need to start here?

A lot of people seem to really want to go back to the good ol’ days when we could have White Only establishments.

double standards are good in 1896. but equal protection is the standard of today, are you saying most liberals are racists or just like to discriminate.

I never listened to alex jones, this is not about alex jones. it is about Nazi propaganda and controlling town square.

I am beginning to believe liberals want a segregated society.

More like they don’t believe people who think differently than they do should be privy to the “society” that they’ve created.

How is Facebook any different than Hannity.com? Most everybody here supports banning the real bad actors that go overboard as is the right of the website owner.

who decides, I get it most people here like to discriminate, while they praise diversity.

why should white neighborhoods allow blacks? or muslims, or Hispanics, houses are private property.

why should employers not be allowed to fire based on race?

Civil Rights Act of 1964.

that is why diversity in the town square should be insisted upon.

Public spaces and private spaces are different of course.

that was for Florida Yankee not you. anti discrimination laws. separate isn’t equal.

I know hun. I just like to chime in sometimes. I’m intentionally distracting myself from the show i’m trying to watch, but I’m almost always trying to multitask.