Racism in Medicine

Why was this woman, a doctor, treated like a drug addict when her COVID-19 test was positive and there was further damage in her lungs?

Why are black American patients treated like second class citizens at all in this day and age? The hospital in the next town over from me was problematic to be attended to in the E R a few years back.

A nurse at our physician’s office sent me there for dehydration from copious vomiting. However, I wasn’t subjected to the same question as a black patient being treated for the same symptoms—What controlled substances are you using?

“Kay” had to wait hours to be seen, too, but was met with the assumption of drug addiction. Why is anything being assumed in this day and age and why was a black physician treated like an addict looking for a quick fix?

This is totally unacceptable!

You are asking the wrong people.

I would tell you medicine is just a burn cut poison business with the same flaws as any other.

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On that I would agree—as someone who has worked in the field since the 1990s. My faith in western medicine is significantly less than it was when I started.

But I’m still disgusted black patients are treated as if they’re less worthy than white.

Police… lawyers…politicians…nurses…doctors… engineer…accountant…etc.

Thanks to instant media we hear about ever transgression.

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Why are we making snap judgements after hearing only 1 side of the complaint?

My guess is she was treated just like all the other patients, yet she felt she was entitled to special treatment because she was a “doctor”.


Alright everyone - the 60 year old white guy from a county that is <1% black is going to educate us all on the black experience.

Gather ‘round, now!

Pay no attention to the mountain of research that says, well, the exact opposite. The guy’s probably even got a black friend!

Consumers can only ingest so much racism.

I would suggest a more worthy battle.

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Agreed. I’m sure the other side of the story is much more revealing.

Why was it so hard for her to get pain medication?

Law of un-intended consiquenses.

Main producer of opioid pain meds gets sued into oblivian.

Pharmacies being sued over filling what looked like legit prescriptions – and pharmacies are limited in how they can challenge and not fill prescriptions.

Our local hospital has a policy of double, and triple checking with different doctors before pain meds are prescribed.

Doctors know they are under a microscope right now over any pain meds they prescribe.

And this doc wonders why they questioned and double chekced before pain meds were given. She should know – the crackdown is real, and it has consiquenses real life.

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I just love how these articles blame everyone but the addicts themselves.

They make their own choices when they use legitimately prescribed pain management drugs that can be a godsend to someone with a severe illness or injury for pain & in doses other than what was prescribed them.

Neither they nor any of their family members should have gotten one plug dime from any pharmaceutical, nor should they have any say in the pain management others can access.

I feel badly for the doctor who could not access pain management, and maintain that black Americans, if nothing else in a very subtle manner, get the short end of the stick in health care.

What has the doctor who treated her said? We cannot make a judgement without hearing from both sides.

Then a civil rights or malpractice case needs to be filed. If nothing is done, then apparently it is acceptable. Am I right?

Healthcare is culpable for at the very least creating dependency on pain meds. Are you in pain? And how do you rate your pain? Are very subjective questions. The patient only needs to answer yes and they receive pain meds.

World of judgement by social media based on ones perceived oppression level.

Inadequate management of pain can not only undermine morale, but delay recovery:


It is the responsibility of those getting a prescription to opt for a pharmacist consultation or do their own research as to its side effects.

It is their responsibility to take the drug as prescribed, for the pain it’s prescribed.

It is not their doctor’s or any pharmaceutical company or distributor’s fault they didn’t bother to research the drug or its potential side effects or use it as directed.

I honestly don’t give a damn about drug addicts and don’t think they or their families should have any influence over what pain management other patients can access.

None of the pharmaceutical companies should have paid them a dime, and I’m only sorry someone in pain from COVID 19 couldn’t access anything for her pain.

Pain meds aren’t generally prescribed for covid. Outside of aspirin. So this physician asking for pain meds because of covid, yeah it should be questioned.

But to my point I was making, healthcare aids in making addicts. Vague questions are you hurting? Let’s not pretend healthcare doesn’t have a part in the problem.

It doesn’t.

Physical pain is very real. Friend of mine told me no one can be in that much pain.

He needs to try out migraine & tendon repair pain and get back with me.

Pain management—according to the linked article, the late physician was suffering neck pain, which may or may not be linked to COVID 19–is an integral part of recovery from any more than minor illness or injury.

Neither drug addicts nor their families should get any say in what meds the rest of have access to, nor any lawsuit money.

They made their own messes. They need to clean them.

They definitely have been cracking down on prescription meds my niece just had her wisdom teeth took out and they gave her five 5mg hydrocodone no refills. When I had mine taken out they gave me 30 percocets a stronger opioid with a refill, and I needed it, that was a horrible week of recovery. Of course when government governs it’s wide sweeping and not on and individual basis.

So in my case that was the last time I had any pain meds until I broke my arm five years ago, fortunately I don’t enjoy the feeling of opioids, but as we know other people will get them and end up out of control and in some cases dead. I don’t know that racism has anything to do with it, maybe it does but it seems these days Dr’s are pretty nervous about handing out pain meds in fear of losing their license.

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addicts are addicts no matter where they obtain their drugs. whether it be OTC or from the corner drug dealer.

There is a real problem in prescribed pain meds. It is why physicians are so careful to how much and often they prescribe pain meds.

End of August I broke my arm. Most pain med they were going to give me was prescription strength Tylenol. I wasn’t in that much pain, so the doc just told me to take over the counter ibuprophin for the swelling and tylonal as needed for pain. And to call him if I needed prescription streangth. I did just fine on over the counter and didn’t really take any for pain until I started physical theropy to get the arm moving again.