Racism and Students

Now this… this might actually achieve something.

Students at Tigard High School staged the walkout in protest of a video posted on social media that appears to show students using racial slurs. In October, the Tigard-Tualatin School District said reports of hate speech incidents were rising in its schools.

No fun unless it’s government?

Another one. A preacher in Chicago.

how many students are doing these slurs, in each school?

Probably one small group would be my guess. Mean girls.

that would be my guess too. a couple jerks. maybe just one

but cnn loves this, because they can use this to keep the division alive

enemy of the people. plain and simple


Yep, and they are using the “parents against CRT being taught enable bullying” angle as well.

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What I like about is no government.

no there is no law against being led like idiots by jerkwad media. i guess thats good

I find it funny that this question is never asked about literally any other conservative outrage.

Never asked “how many” about CRT in K-12… never asked “how many” with voter fraud.

But with pure racism “how many” :rofl::+1:t5:

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Just a few bad apples I’m sure.

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i know. the outrage

answer doesn’t support the “massive racism everywhere” narrative?

me too. prob a very few in fact.

Why don’t you ask how many about CRT in K-12 or Voter Fraud?

Don’t you find it interesting that your first reaction to verified cases of racism is “how many”? But you don’t have that same reaction to CRT or Voter fraud?

Weird huh?

because this isnt the thread for that or the topic. sorry. stop deflecting

no i do not find that “interesting.” separate topics, circumstances, altogether

that you deflect your ass off down to the ground at your feet? no. typical actually

Ok I checked those threads… no “how many” from you about those.

Do you care about “how many” on voter fraud? CRT?

From the article in the OP.

In the same school year, the report says, there were 1.6 million students who were subjected to hate speech due to their identity. Among those incidents, half targeted students’ race and 24% related to their national origin.

So, we’re lookin at 800k incidents involving race.

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800k cases of racism…

0 cases of CRT being taught…

Guess which one conservatives will believe?


The race division and blame of CRT propaganda will just divide us more. When we are divided into our own skin color teams of victims and oppressors, what do you think that will do to race issues…decrease or reduce them?

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how many in the school in the op?