Racially motivated attack at BLM protest in Seattle?

A Jaguar plowed into BLM protestors at high speed on a closed section of I-5 in Seattle last night killing one of them:
A graphic video posted on social media showed the white Jaguar racing toward a group of protesters who are standing behind several parked cars, set up for protection. The car swerves around the other vehicles and slams into the two protesters, sending them flying into the air.
(The link includes graphic video of the crash.)

Based on this report it sounds like a racially motivated attack.

It turns out the driver appears to be from East Africa, and the BLM protester who was killed is white.

Is it still a racially motivated attack?

Would media coverage be different if the race of the driver and the victim were reversed?

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How did you come to that conclusion?

Officials were trying to determine the motive as well as where he got onto the interstate, which had been closed by the state patrol for more than an hour before the protesters were hit. Mead said they suspect Kelete drove the wrong way on a ramp. Trooper Rick Johnson said the driver went through a barrier that closed the freeway.

Troopers did not know whether it was a targeted attack, but impairment was not considered a factor, Mead said

How is this relevant in an incident involving cars and crowds?

Here is the latest report from CNN:

The suspect, a 27-year-old man from Seattle, was given a sobriety test and showed no signs of impairment, but the WSP continues to investigate, Mead said.

Seattle has been the scene of protests over police brutality and systemic racism, including in a six-block area controlled by protesters after police abandoned their precinct – the Capitol Hill Organized Protest or Capital Hill Autonomous Zone.

When asked if this was a “targeted attack,” Mead said, "We don’t know that, that does remain a focus of our investigation."

They have not updated their report since 2:39 am today, so their only report implies that the crash was a likely attack.

No, it does not.

A favorite technique of CNN is to stop updating reports and bury story if the facts do not support their narrative.

Do the protest organizers have any responsibility for the crash?

Pedestrians are normally illegal on interstate highways and so is blocking the highway.



Maybe the Ethiopian driver has a dislike for BLM—whose membership is largely white—or fir anyone at all fighting on behalf of black Americans.

Is it a racially motivated attack? Just maybe.

Because democrats racialize everything they possibly can. Race is always a consideration. According to democratic rules.

I do know this. It seems that whenever Seattle surrenders to the mob, people die. They city leaders have blood on their hands.

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Well, may have been an attack. But at the time the article was written the person who did this had already been caught. Interesting that CNN did not mention that the perpetrator was black, as this would have immediately put to rest any racial tension.

And we all know CNN hates creating racial tension.


White supremacists now have an affirmative action program?

Interesting piece but it is fraught with language violations so you might want to add a disclaimer or edit.

They are pretty well trained from birth to view everything through the prisms of race and perpetual victimhood.

Without those two things the dem’s would have almost nothing at all left to run on.

Why am I not surprised that the video meets YouTube community standards.

Cute girl, she should have been home instead of blocking the highway.

What a waste.

Odds are the driver was black and pissed off with white fasco-communists hijacking their identity for political gain, and the victim was s white fasco-communists sympathisers, and the msm are not going to give this story 24 hours of coverage because the colours are on the wrong sides to fit the Democrat narrative.


Whose a white supremacist?

Most of BLM membership, like the young woman killed, are white, but how does this make them white supremacist? Unless I read your reply wrong.

Driver is from Ethiopia. Maybe he had it in for the BLM movement for standing up for native born black peoples.

Those supporting BLM may be interested to know its founder begged Allah to help her not kill white peoples, whom she regards as subhuman. It’s a Marxist Feminist organization and, seeing its founder’s hatred of white peoples, ironic its membership is mostly white: Report: BLM Co-Founder Once "Begged Allah" in a Tweet For "Strength" Not to Kill White People - WayneDupree.com

So let me make sure I’ve got this right? People were protesting by blocking an interstate…at night…and were struck by on oncoming car? I’m shocked. Who could have predicted this outcome? Anybody?

You don’t have it right. The freeway was closed to traffic.

The police attempted to close it, to avoid this probable outcome and were obviously unsuccessful.

A person needlessly died and this is what we are arguing about?
How about the ■■■■■■■ who drove the car be put away for life.

Was it on purpose…or were they attempting to use the freeway for the purpose it was intended and were totally caught off guard by people being encamped on an interstate, in the middle of the night?