Quit saying the FBI lied!

The FBI did not lie. By saying this we are condemning an entire agency who is made up of good people. So just stop. There are agents, supervisors and lawyers who lied. Those people need to be revealed. Saying that everybody lied is no better than saying nobody lied. Why is it when investigating the private sector, the DOJ is on top of it? Acting decisively. But when government crime is involved, for some reason, they kick it into low gear, super slo-mo. Basically they freeze. Taking something that should take weeks and stretching it out for years. It’s time to quit fiddle farting around. They have had years to figure out who lied. They know who the individuals are. The DOJ needs to get off it’s ass and act. Why the hell should they wait another day?

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Sounds like your complaint should be with Barr or the person who appointed him.


Top levels of FBI indeed lied, you’re just arguing semantics IMO. Keep in mind this wasn’t just some random field agent.

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If only Trump could…appoint someone to the FBI who will do something about it.

If only Trump’s DoJ…could compel the IG to look into the matter and put out a report or something so they can clean house.

Weird that the Trump admin is acting so castrated…or inept. It’s got to be one or the other.

Either they’re too meek to do anything about it, or too stupid and incapable.

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Do you think Barr is moving too slowly? Should we have all of the names involved by now?

You tell me, you’re the one that’s frothing.

My primary frustration is:

when investigating the private sector, the DOJ is on top of it. Acting decisively. But when government crime is involved, for some reason, they kick it into low gear, super slo-mo. Basically they freeze.


The report talks consistently about a lack of supervision of the people in charge of this investigation. Look at the recommendations in the report. They deal chiefly with systematic problems that need to be corrected within the FBI. The only agent called out is Ohr.
(Though not lying on FISA applications…is that really a systematic problem?..I hope not…but maybe)

I liked your use of the term “fiddle farting.”

Why did you say it like that? Is that how I treat you? You can speak to me respectfully or not at all. Care to try again?

I do too. My wife used to tell our kids to “quit fiddle farting around.” They hated it. I loved it.

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I share that frustration. I understand you need thorough investigation but it does seems to be the case here.

Now having read 2/3 of Horowitz report, hope to finish it today. He did a solid investigation, it was blunt, revealed major problems and yes IMO criminality within Hoover building. So now it is up to Barr to do the right thing and make sure justice is served.

And congress/legislation branch must do the right thing and severely limit the use of FISA if not outright eliminate it.

I know there’s going to be push back on that but that’s what they need to do. This is what oversight is…not impeaching the president because they lost an election.

That’s my two cents worth. :wink:

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But justice is rarely served. As I’ve said before. You are more likely to see a sasquatch and a space alien in the same day than you are to see a high ranking bureaucrat held accountable. In other words, I’ll believe it when I see it.

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I think it’s lack of political diversity. Why didn’t anyone at the top levels of Hoover building say stop, think what your ■■■■■■■ doing here. But instead bunch of like minded individuals had taken upon themselves to overrule an election.

And those like minded individuals all made it to the top level of FBI.

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I hear you, we been burned before and I understand your skepticism. I’m in the same boat.

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Is 3 years not enough time?

Apparently not. Calling it a snails pace would be an insult to snails. Hopefully we’ll get their findings before the end of Trump’s second term. :sleeping:

Oh now that I have your attention, back to the problem I mentioned earlier:

Trump has the full power to do something about it. So either it’s rolling over and capitulating to the deep state, or he’s incredibly bad at recognizing and weeding out corruption and/or hiring the right people to do the job. Or he’s too weak to stand up to the deep state.

What’s the other explanation?

So let’s look at some past examples.

Fast and Furious, Benghazi, the IRS thing…people were screaming that crimes were committed and people should be locked up. But then, after thorough investigation, that doesn’t come to pass because in fact, crimes were not committed, and people should not be thrown in jail.

Maybe this is like that. Seems likely.