Quick! We Need an Amy Klobuchar Scandal!

Just visiting! Noticed the thing with the driver names and got curious. Will be back in a couple months :slight_smile: Always up for culinary adventures - what’s Hmong cuisine like? My guess is similar to Vietnamese?

In the editorial they say there’s an extremist and a moderate. Which one’s which?

I’m no expert, just a guy who eats and talks, but:

Imagine you backpacked through this area for a few hundred years:

and took the best recipes from each area, worked over the list with a few Frenchmen, and then spent the last 2 generations tweaking it for the use with Great Lakes region ingredients.

Pork belly served like a bacon steak.
Somehow have improved fried walleye.
Their style of Pho reminds me of grandma’s soups. Heartier flavorful broth.
I can’t describe whats different about their style egg roll but every egg roll i’ve had since leaving home is compared to theirs.
If you like spicy, they got it. I’d compare the way an old hmong grandma dotes over her chili spices to the way an old Texan selects his smoker wood and pepper.


Your words have rendered me hungry in a way I’ve not known for some time.

Fortunately, I’ve just sat down to dinner. Sadly, it’s at some Orlando resort thing, so no Hmong… :frowning:

I’m stuck with a half chicken and Guinness this evening…


Trump is the extremist. Compared to him, everyone else is a moderate.