Quick! We Need an Amy Klobuchar Scandal!

Playing the race card and the age card. Good for you!

It’s your party. Don’t complain about who got invited.

Or who doesn’t.


It’s like asking for a scandal about bill deblasio, or beto at this point.

You’re ducking I wasn’t complaining about. whom the Democrats invite, only pointing out that you were the one who thought it important to comment on age and race . I urge you to own your actions.

I guess the scandal manufacturing machinery is getting tired. You had better watch out; you never know who might switch to the forefront while all the Republican resources are being wasted manufacturing scandals in the Ukraine.

It wasn’t me.

But it is true.


Has she ever talked to a Russian, or is that well dry?

Why waste time on an also-ran like klobuchar??

We all saw what dimocrats did to gillibrand btw.

Even the nyt called them out on it.


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Amy who?

It’s Amy Klobuchar.

Daughter of a broken family and alcoholic father who became a partner in a law firm (Back when female partners were rare) and then a US senator.

It’s an impressive life story. I’m impressed by upward mobility, much more than people who just fill their daddy’s shoes.

Mrs Doubtfire will drop out before super Tuesday

Now that’s funny. :grin:

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No one, I mean no one, wants to know Trump’s sexual history. We do want to know when he breaks campaign finance laws to pay off a pornstar or when he sexually assaults women. Do you see the difference?

Klobuchar… is being to sound like a Kenyan name to me. I bet Minnesota is just a ruse.

Huge Somali population in Minneapolis I learned recently. 4 of my last 5 Minneapolis Uber drivers’ names all started with “Abd” (popular name beginning):

Abdiweli, Abdirizak, Abdiasis, Abdulkadir…

Many Somalis moved to the twin cities as voluntary migrants in the 70s and 80s (including Rep Omar). A lot of the folks there now are second gen - probably angry with their folks for settling in cold-ass Minneapolis!

If you can dodge a stapler, you can dodge a ball.


Ha good movie :basketball:

It’s obvious this opinion piece in the NYT was written by a misogynist who wants two women. What a pig.

I hear she once didn’t completely sanitize her kayak paddle before hopping the portage between Lake Miniwauquagon and Lake Waumiqinniqon.

New the Minneapolis? Just visiting? If you want to meet another cool diaspora check out the Hmong marketplace in St. Paul and go hungry. Also worth looking into their story and the weird wild path to ending up in Minnesota and Wisconsin.