Questions for Biden supporters about systemic racism



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You didn’t prove any examples why blacks are sentence to longer jail time for similar crimes.

your posted a random video of a single case to generalize millions of people into being violent thugs.

you guys and your race wars…

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You think Biden has read that or has any intention of doing any of it?

unlike the current President I bet Biden can in fact read.

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And you posted no proof that their crimes were not more vicious and depraved.

What i posted indicates that the “crime” has degrees of viciousness and depravity that are not part of the charge or conviction. The animal who punched the old lady was charged with assault. A man who punches his physical equal is charged with assault.
The two “assaults” are in no way equal in depravity and viciousness.

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Did he say that? Because if he didn’t, it’s baiting.

I don’t need to prove a negative that isn’t how debating works.

I asked a question, he responded by suggesting black criminal are more violent and posted a video of a black man beating up an old woman.

The current President is not under discussion.

I don’t need to prove his generalization is not correct.

Ask, don’t tell. And try different words.

Why are Blacks sentences for longer jail time for non violent drug offenses then Whites.

you havent proven yours is

You’re getting close to the line. Make sure you don’t cross it.

could be a few reasons, if true

They aren’t. Do you realize what would have to happen for that to be true?

What line is that?

The generalization by race line.