Questions for Biden supporters about systemic racism

Yes, and he used to call a Confederate heritage group “fine people”:

It’s pretty pathetic hearing a career politician talking about how he has all the answers.

Is he promising to criminalise and disband his own party?

When I was young, back in the 60s, it was stated that some schools were much better than others, largely due to racial factors favoring white people and so desegregation and busing was the court’s answer. Over the next decades, busing was implemented to cure this unequal outcome. What happened is that overall scores for everyone did not improve. What was stated was that minorities were being treated more harshly and being removed due to alleged behavior problems. The answer was to remove corporal punishment from the school system. The quality of education continues to decline and as a result, charter schools and private schools have emerged where parents who seek a higher education for their children, are sending their children.

Now these children that came up through this system where the attempt to equalize outcomes was the basis for education, are ill equipped to deal with life and so here we are again…and the idea is to tear down the system, to equalize everything for all. That’s BLM. Ignore the blatant disregard for police orders that almost ALWAYS predicate the outcomes and only see the outcomes.

People…this isn’t rocket science. Equal outcomes can not be mandated. You get out, what you put in. If you want a great education, you must show up, apply yourself with the help of your parents who are united with the educational system in achieving this mutual outcome. The same two people that brought a child into the world are responsible for them being equipped to deal with adulthood, when that time arrives. This lack of responsibility IS THE SOLE PROBLEM that is attempting to be addressed all over again…but years later, instead of while all were children, being educated in a public educational system.

Yes, the Democratic Party certainly has a long history of systemic racism. Slavery, Jim Crow segregation, Virginia’s laws for racial integrity and forced sterilizations, and racist FHA and GI Bill policies all originated with Democrats. Arguably the use of race-based quotas and admission requirements are a continuation of the Democrats’ systemic racism.

Interestingly enough no Biden supporters have responded to the OP.

Is there no defense for Biden’s incoherent and hypocritical statements about systemic racism?

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You guys and your race threads. Bless your damn hearts.

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Okay, please provide a current example of systemic racism and an explanation of how Biden would fix it.

Haha no way. Huge waste of time.

One thing Biden is doing is showing a willingness to listen. Can’t wait to vote for him!

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Biden’s use of “systemic racism” is just a catch phrase with no real meaning.

Thank you for confirming that.

It looks like a campaign promise thread to me.

why are black sentence to longer jail sentences for the same crimes?

Bigger question … what were he and Obama doing for 8 years if things were so bad?

More brutal maybe. There is “assault” and then there is punching a 92 year old lady and slamming her head against a fire hydrant while she is pushing her walker down the sidewalk.

Your asking was rhetorical and had no real desire for knowledge.

Biden’s website has policy proposal for justice reform. If you really wanted to know you’d look there first.


so black are more violent by nature, is that what your suggesting.

You tell me. I added a link to a news report with a video to my post above . There is a video that MSNBC didnt show you.

a video of one random crime your using to generalize all black people with.

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