Questions about BLM

Why is it such a small percentage of its membership is actually black? If they fear them or a loved one being killed by white police officers, why are relatively few out protesting?

Had a laugh over a Black Lives Matter sign in wealthy Hopkinton, a Massachusetts town with relatively few minority inhabitants

If black lives matter to them so much, why not protest Planned Parenthood clinics locating in largely minority towns and areas? Or black children being caught in the crossfire

What about black police officers? I don’t get the feeling they matter to them. Why not give the group a name that’s more befitting, and that isn’t necessarily a negative thing?

For instance, if it’s police reform that matters the most, why not just say so?

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Because black people don’t run the BLM.

BLM is a political arm of white coastal elites.

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Now more than ever…ALL lives matter!

Blue Lives Matter!!

Avatar? Smurfs?


Your friendly neighborhood patrol.

They aren’t blue.

I’ve seen some dark-skinned people, but not one I’d associate with the color black btw.

So, stick-figures? wraiths?

Black ain’t black.


IMO This is because actual black people have no use whatsoever for white liberals. They’re perfectly capable of standing up for themselves & fighting their own battles.

Y’all might consider for a moment that FINALLY white people (in large numbers) are starting to stand with their black brethren to put things right.

Peaceful protests and helping neighbors are one thing. Here, though, is a prominent black man’s take on destruction on behalf of black people:

Here is another’s:

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