Question to all Bernie's supporters

Since he’s advocating restoring rights for prison inmates does that include all rights?
Or just “some” of them?

Inquiring minds want to know.

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Yep…I think the Boston bomber should have his rights restored. Even the right to own guns in prison…since they shouldn’t lose their rights while be incarcerated.

I think you’re asking this question in the wrong place, not a lot of Bernie supporters here.
Regarding the OP’s question:

  • Current incarcerated felons should not have the right to vote

  • Once the felon paid their debt to society, they absolutely have the right to vote


That’s where I’m at too. If you have paid your debt to society, you should have the right to vote restored.

All rights or just “some” rights?

Not a Bernie supporter.

Time to start a reality show: Who gets to vote! Two people compete to see who deserves to vote more.

I mostly disagree with Bernie though, i think people should be able to vote after they serve their prison sentence. I also think too many people are in jail. I don’t think Manafort should go prison etc etc etc quit making a business model out of jailing people etc. So for all those people, i can see why Bernie says it’s all or nothing, we’re not going to go line by line who gets to vote. I’d say maybe we should? I don’t know.

Bernie needs to quit politics in general.


This is exactly it



Bernie is a populist who shouldn’t be in the race. Whether he believes that includes gun rights and whether a right to vote can be exercised as safely inside a prison (and no incarcerated people should not vote) as right to own and bear guns is a silly question.


Of course, all prisoners should be armed and supplied with ammunition. This is pretty obvious…

Once they pay their debt to society should they have all their rights restored…or just “some” of them?

And put on an island. Calling Snake Plisskin

I am against the federal law that prohibits gun ownership for felons.

All except the third amendment.

So you believe all rights are restored once you pay your debt to society…good for you.

I believe that as well. Not some rights or partial rights…all of em.

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LOL so they don’t get a say in whether federal troops can be quartered in there home.

Too funny.

All of them. (not a bernie supporter, unless he’s the nominee)

So you’re will to vote for a hypocrite. Good to know.

I’ll remember that. :wink: