Question: Is Kavanaugh correct about sitting Presidents being indicted?

I am a little confused here.

Brett Kavanaugh worked for Kenneth Starr, and made a case for impeaching and removing a sitting President from office.

Now, he’s saying that you cannot indict a sitting President.

Wait, what? Did he change his mind or something? Where in the constitution does it say the President cannot be indicted? Answers are much needed.

The answers you seek will not exist until somebody actually TRIES to indict a sitting President. Presumably, said President would invoke such a privilege, which would presumably appealed up to the Supreme Court, which would settle the issue.

UNTIL that happens, it is all just opinions, not facts, not answers.

None of us here, nor anybody can definitely answer the question, until the Supreme Court does.

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Yes he changed his mind when he went to work for Bush and saw what they had to deal with. He isnt saying that they cant be charged…just not while in office. So once a sitting president has left he is open to everything.

He also puts more interest in Congress doing their jobs.

Its not a overall horrible point…context matters

So his “current” view is that congress can remove a President, not the police or the criminal justice system. Is that correct?

Presidents are immune to the law. I don’t see how anyone could argue that’s not what the Founders intended.

Basically you have to go through the process the constitution lays out…

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I get his point-of-view. If you feel a President is abusing his powers or mentally unstable, you have the congress go through constitution powers, much like what he did for Clinton. Once the guy is out of office, then the justice system can do its bidding.

Basically…which I’m fine with…I’m more curious about civil suits…I want to see if he thinks a president is protected or is he gonna keep up the precedent under clinton?

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Hey me too. I am fine with Kavanaugh.

The believe you can sue a President, but I am not sure if it’s for crimes committed inside the presidency.

With Trump as President, we should find out.

Oh I’m fine with that logic…but I’m not fine with the man himself…we are gonna see a massive push from social cons now…its gonna be ugly. Really ugly and bigoted