Question For The Mods

Why are we now seeing perfectly legitimate questions to the moderators being ignored or deleted?

You are entitled to close/delete whatever you like but do not the regular posters who without their contributions you would not have a site to moderate deserve answers to the questions they ask?

My perception is that the 3 mods seem to be wanting this forum to become an echo chamber and again thats their prerogative.

But is it too much to ask to get some straight answers?

Thank you.

There is less than one post a day in this forum. I would hope that it isn’t too much to expect that the three moderators we have could answer queries without randomly deleting or shutting them down.

I can probably answer it for you all…but you’re not going to accept it.


No disrespect intended but I would prefer to have the question answered by a mod.

Case by case basis, as always.

-that is the answer to your query.

Make another thread on the topic, get the same answer.

As for Excast making a pm, I never received any correspondence from him addressing all three mods or an individual pm.

Instructions for sending a pm: Click on the posters name, this will display their profile, click “message,” add additional recipients if desired to create a group private message.