Question for physics guys

On how large a scale could this be duplicated?

Can we suspend a kid, or a bicycle or a garden shed from an unnailed board
lying on a flat roof (or or in a tree)?

According to this a 2x4, set on its edge can hold 300lbs.
(Two of them can hold 600 lls I guess.)

So, if this works as in the video, we could build a large version of this with ordinary lumber and hold something very large. right?

It could be done to scale, but it wouldn’t be a durable hanger, Done outside it would be even more unstable due to atmospheric inputs.


Cool, but it might be good for a college stunt
(like hanging a small car off the administration building), right?

Not seeing it.

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To any scale you like, as long as the materials and connections are strong enough to accommodate the load you select.


The real issue is center of gravity of the bottle.

The center of gravity has to be under the table in order for the match to hold the bottle. Otherwise, the match simply tilts up and falls as shown at the beginning of the video. The added matches push back the attachment point for the string, so the bottle is hanging under table.

Swinging the bottle side to side does not affect the stability as shown at the end of the video. On the other hand, allowing the bottle swing forward so that the center gravity is no longer under the table causes it to fall.

Correct. All that diagonal match does is to transfer the force that supports the free end of the match on which the weight is hung to the center of gravity of the weight. That depends on the shear connections between the ends of the cross match and the cords carrying the weight of the bottle. It would be easier to explain if I could draw up and post this as a force diagram.

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Helps to think of it as the bends not being there, no mystery when you realize the weight is directly below the support. As far as gravity is concerned the outward bends aren’t there.

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this can work on any scale too?

That’s cool.

Somebody sits around thinking of this stuff.

In the old days they incorporated it into science fiction novels, and today it’s tik tok videos. Either way it’s cool,