Question: Did the Thread About the Woman Being Killed By Police In Her Home In Texas Get Deleted?

Maybe I missed it or can no longer find it. It was a big news story over the weekend but when I came back to the forum, the thread was gone. But, my wife tells me all the time that I’m blind as a bat!

You need to give YOUR opinion on what’s in the article so that people can start a discussion. A single line is NOT enough.

I disagree with this action.

I wasn’t trying to start a discussion. I was asking a question on whether the thread got deleted because it was here Saturday and gone Sunday. Did you even read what I wrote?

Didn’t the hundreds of posts make the discussion issue moot?


You disagree with what action?

Also there are threads like that all the time that are allowed to stay

I gave you the reason as to why it was deleted.

No. Just like if someone dropped a subtle F bomb that no one notice and there were lots of posts after it.

I guess; there is a already a new thread with no substantive change in the discussion. Just seems like a lot of wasted time.

It’s really not the same.

There was clearly enough in that op to start a substitute of discussion as evidenced by the length of the thread.

No, there wasn’t. The recreated op is a better rendition of what we’re asking for. Study it. Emulate it. Rejoice in its awe inspiring glow.

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Whether you believe there was enough information in the original post of the deleted thread to foster substantive discussion is not backed by the fact that there was substantive discussion happening.

Out of of respect to the posters and hundreds of posts (representing quite a bit of time and effort), can’t situations like this be slow played a little instead of going nuclear?

A message to the OP to modify? Mod throw in another sentence and highlight this requirement? Etc…


How is this thread any different?


Hopefully we get an answer to how the “Dont Tempt Me” thread is different to the one that got deleted.

Obviously the mods are not all seeing and they cannot catch everything so I would wager thats the reason.


If only there were a way to have like a neighborhood watch where eagle eyed people could notice such infractions and be able to communicate them to the appropriate authorities for swift action.