Question about Wiki edits

A question: Today I alerted the mods about a post of mine that was added to by another member after I accidentally left the Wiki open. You ruled the whole post should be deleted which I have no problem with. But I wondered if it would’ve been OK to alert the member that he had accidentally added onto my post without realizing it, have him copy it and ask him to repost it. I guess what I’m asking is whether mods would be OK if this cropped up in the future somewhere else that both parties fix it in advance without alerting you or would you rather we alert you first? (It was a bit funny to have to flag your own post.)

I do know what you mean, the edit and reply button in the same location…I’ve caught myself couple time almost editing another post.

What I would do is go ahead and edit it back and then give the poster heads up so he or she can re-post.

IMO that would be best course of action.

Now if someone purposely edited your post then I would flag it. :wink:

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Yes, the post in question appeared to be of no malicious intent. In that case, a message to the poster who made the mistake would be appropriate.

I have purposely edited other peoples posts to notify them that they have left the wiki open. I suppose that is against the rules, but IMO, the shock of seeing your post edited like that is more inclined to impress upon you to not do it again, lest someone with malicious intent do so. :wink:

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Do they get the message that someone edit the post?

Here I’ll open my wiki and you try it. I want to see if I get the message.

well I guess no one wanted to test it out.

Sorry. I left the room right after that post. No. I don’t believe you would get a message if I edit your post. But that’s part of the realization shock when you do (if?) find out. :wink:

Don’t. We can see when someone has edited a post. Even if “playing” don’t. The result of someone purposely editing someone else’s post is a lengthy time out.