Question About Swamp Drainage

Okay, so as of today:

The Department of Defense is now run by a former Boeing Executive.

The EPA is now run by a former coal industry lobbyist.

The Department of Health and Human Services is now run by a former pharmaceutical lobbyist.

The Secretary of the Interior is a former oil lobbyist.

Maybe I’m just a delusional moonbat, but this seems kinda swampy to me. Regulatory capture. Cozy relationships between government and business. Revolving doors. You know, all that crap.

It’s not unprecedented, of course.

But how does this fit with the drain the swamp leitmotif formerly so prized by he current administration?


That’s not swampy, it’s MAGAy! The best MAGAy!

This administration has never been about draining the swamp. It’s been about draining dollars into the pockets of their own personal interests. Dirty.

It is very swampy. His supporters seem not to care, though. Like his lies. They just like Trump.

Congress is the swamp which just got worse with the new Dem controlled House! Making it harder to clean the mess up!

So the cozy and insular relationship between industries and the regulators of those industries, facilitated by industry lobbyists who then head these agencies, is not an important part of the swamp? Okay.

Ah I get it. Dems are the swamp, they are ruining America and are indeed the monsters under the bed.


Well, there are some elements of the swamp now gone. Flynn, Manafort, Sessions, Priebius, Kelly - all gone, as well as others.

Oddly enough, they were all Trump hires, so these must have been the best and the brightest swamp creatures.

Would I be right in assuming you are referring to the Democrats and any Republican that dares to be critical of Trump.

Going back to the OP how do you equate putting so many lobbyists in positions of power in the government with the fact that Trump is draining the swamp?

How many of the newly elected reps are Freshmen and women?

Why should being a former lobbyist disqualify someone from filling a cabinet role? Why are all lobbyists deserving of being labelled corrupt and self-serving?

Because corporate lobbyists are corrupt and self-serving???



You should ask President Trump, who on the campaign trail routinely decried former lobbyists in government and called it “the swamp”.

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Or a sitting Republican Congressman not just appearing on a Fox News program, but actually serving as it’s host?

You’re a little off-message there, because your hero, on the campaign trail, claimed that industry lobbyists running government was The Swamp, and he was going to clean it up. What do you think: is Trump setting some sort of clever trap by appointing industry lobbyists to his presidential cabinet?

You get a message through the pops, whistles, and static? Good ear. All I hear is stuff like, “Don’t throw canned cabbage at the cabinets!” and “This parking meter told me to kill all dinosaur dogs!”

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No, Roxiebelle is precisely on her (only) message: “Trump good! Dems bad!”

i thought he objected to government workers becoming lobbyist, not the other ay round.

Yeah, thread that needle.

Did you bother to read the article I linked? The revolving door between lobbying and government is what is generally understood to be “Der Swamp”, and a frequent complaint of Trump and his supporters and critics of government in general. As the article outlines, the Trump administration is very amenable and helpful to The Swamp. Much more so than the Kenyan Usurper.