Queen's Pretty Awesome

I don’t think this needs commentary, but I believe it is required. Seeing Elizabeth II in that photo from 1940 really hit me.


She has always struck me as a pretty stand up individual. :+1:

Not quite as high on her offspring but that’s just my opinion.


She was optimistic without being dismissive of the dangers. Very impressive.

She’s always been a class act. Unfortunately it seems to skip generations in the Royal Family.

Nothing against her personally but the royal family is an anachronism that should be out out to pasture.

An admittedly well written and performed speech every now and then hardly justifies the Sovereign Grant, £66 million last year.

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Their country, their choice. None of our business.

I’m English, it’s my taxes.

Well then you’re posting your concerns where they will get no traction and do nothing to help your cause.

If I were a UK citizen I’d be raising hell in the UK to get it changed.

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This is an internet message board, it’s all just pissing in the wind regardless of the subject matter.

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Not really, these boards are closely watched by some pretty important folks.

More importantly, ideas start movements so if you post them to a relevant crowd you actually have an opportunity to move others to join your cause and effect change.

The idea of republicanism is as old as the hills, it’s just not very popular over here.

That may change when we have our next monarch but now hardly seems the time for major constitutional upheavel.

And if anyone in a position of any authority is monitoring internet message boards for anything other than their own amusement I think there are much bigger problems.

They have staffs specifically tasked with monitoring all social media.

I would have thought the sentiment analysis is mostly done using machine learning these days.

I very much doubt we are wasting anyone’s time with this pointless, but amusing, back and forth that goes on here.

And you would be wrong. Again, they have entire staffs dedicated to monitoring all social media and a site like this definitely is well monitored by both sides of the aisle because our host who also reads the boards is a prominent figure in national political discourse.

Sean literally has the president and many prominent members of both parties and throughout the administration on speed dial. He has their ear and they his.

Any examples of anything posted here having any consequences in the real world?

That would be really hard to prove since ideas posted online are not copyrighted.

@Happyhappyjoyjoy Couldn’t agree with you more. When lizzie releases all the correspondence between her and Kerr I might consider listening to her again.

Fair enough but seems strange to suppose a quiet backwater of the internet like this, with a handful of posters, is given undue prominence just because of whose name appears at the top of the page.

Actually you weren’t speaking into a void.