Queen Nancy Really is Tone Deaf

Nancy’s ice cream fetish means so much to the family who is worried about feeding their kids.


She’s drunk.

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She doesn’t drink.

Most Americans love their ice cream. Big whoop.

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:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: She drinks like a ■■■■■■■ fish.


And your proof of this is what?

Seems like you like to believe fake news instead of checking its veracity.

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I grew up with it.

You grew up with Nancy Pelosi?!

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Well that just proves it.

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Old women “taking medicine”.

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About like your link.

Too old to be a functioning alcoholic like that. She would never make it out of bed let alone to make up and work.

Never give up!

Want me to call him?

I didn’t say she is an alcoholic.

Speaking of out of touch…


Drinks like a fish…pretty much same thing.

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there is a running theme that she “drinks like a fish”

She does. Doesn’t make her an alcoholic.

Okay, that makes no sense but hey it is Thursday!

So that’s a lot of ice cream. It’s been hard to get ice cream with dairy supply chain disruptions :frowning: It makes me sad.

Are you equally concerned, though, that Trump wears bespoke Brionis with a typical price of $10,000? I only have to see the Pelosi-rator once - I have to see Trump’s custom suits every day.

So what about the families struggling to clothe their children? How do THEY feel :disappointed_relieved: (Lets be honest - you don’t really care about either of them…)

Of course, he still looks like a homeless man robbed a Men’s Wearhouse because he’s a fat guy who wears an even fatter guy’s suit cut. (pro tip - if you’re a fat guy, don’t wear baggy clothes to hide your belly and jelly thighs. It makes you look worse)

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Wow! Whataboutism AND a personal attack all in one short post.

You’re good!

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