Quebec to ban declawing and other cosmetic animal procedures

In an internal letter obtained by CBC News, Agriculture Minister André Lamontagne said the government is working on draft legislation to ban devocalization, tail docking, declawing and ear cropping of cats and dogs.

Should states follow suit?


I have no problem with any of this.

Most breeding and judging organizations have removed tail docking and ear cropping as standards for breeds.

Declawing and devocalization are just plain wrong.


The first thing to go after our cat decided to sharpen his claws on the furniture…wasn’t the cat, it was his front claws. That said, he also was never allowed outdoors for the balance of his life.

The best thing about a cat is it’s claws.

It is to defend itself when threaten.

Declawing a cat is just plain wrong.

Allan (proudly owned by kitty cat aka Sir Lancelot)

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Yeah declawing cats is pretty brutal. Just for some furniture. You get that it’s really amputation right?

I would note that there are good products on the market to temporarily protect furniture while redirecting a cat’s clawing instincts. Cats can be deterred by spray from unwanted scratching, while they can be attracted by use of scents to the places that they should claw.

And for less than the cost of the declawing surgery.


Don’t want your dog cropped and docked I won’t stop you. Even though there is a reason for the cropping and docking. But I will fight you to retain my right to care for my animals in the manner I chose.


…he wasn’t amputated, he was adamputated…amirite? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

No. Amputation.

So when you cut your nails, do you refer to this as a partial amputation? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Use recipe 8 on furniture. Have a cat tree filled with treats. No scratched furniture. He still loves his tree.


No because it’s not amputation. Declawing is literally amputating the last toe of each bone. It’s be like if you sliced off the ends of your fingers at the last knuckle. Is that cutting your nails in your opinion?

Michael Vick approves this message.


It’s not that complicated of a procedure if some bleeding hearts end up throwing a big enough tantrum over animals they don’t care for. :wink:

Care is already covered in the ban. There’s no reason to fight it.

The only exception will be when the procedure is deemed medically necessary by a veterinarian.

Says a person who knows almost nothing about why certain dogs are cropped and docked. But I am sure you support all those groups who believe dogs are better off dead than in good homes.

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Says another who has no idea why some dogs are cropped and docked. You would rather they suffer a lifetime of pain.

Cutting and removing are two different things.

deemed medically necessary by a veterinarian.

They know more than you.

Bet they don’t.