Putting the "Quit" into "Equity"

Should white administrators who agree with critical race theory that all white people are racists, resign their positions in favor a person of color?

Is it time to affirm the “quit” in “equity”?


oh boy. more leftist insanity

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Celebrate inequity.

She hates whiteness. Isn’t that special.

who is this person? and why does her crazy personal opinion should represent all “leftist” ideology?

There are enough of them that faulty generalizations and slippery slope arguments are running rampant.

Dean of Brandeis.

Angela Davis’ alma mater.

It’s ok to disagree with her.

She’s correct.

Or agree with her, whichever.

we know

it’s ok to disagree with us

I don’t know if all white people are racist, but she sure seems to be.


i’ve yet to come across any over-educated leftist who dares to incorporate the notion that there is only one race - the human race

but then if they acknowledge that they become invisible.

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over educated. lol.


If all white people are racist then all people in general are racist.

…only if they’re willing to make the sacrifice of practicing, what they preach? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Will they…is another way of framing it and…we already know that answer.


Over educated idiots and under educated idiots are both idiots. I don’t think one is better than the other.

well one is much much worse when they are the ■■■■■■■ DEAN

just a lil fyi ; )


Over educated idiots can do much more damage. At the other end of the scale the worst they can do is “Hey, y’all watch me do this!”

This is why in the Stupid Scale I sorta pulled together some years back (inspired in part by the Richter Scale) the low end Stupid is limited to the mid range no matter how dumb it is because it is limited in the harm it can do. By contrast the high-spec Stupid from bad ideology can harm ever an increasing scale of people and stuff, till at the mid 8’s it’s basically tapped out for any civilization that cannot physically do worse than destroy their own world.

Class 9 Stupid could bring down a small interstellar polity all the way up to a galactic one. Class 10 Stupid can even endanger all of existence.

When I first came up with the rudiments of this idea it was in a humorous post where a captain of a starship approaching Earth was reacting with horror and disbelief because his science officer had just announced detecting a Class 8.6 Stupid.

“Impossible!” the Captain blurted, “The planed of Hey Watch Me Do This is the dumbest place in the known universe and it only ever gets to the mid 7s!”