Putin's radioactive escalation

I am not sure how serious Putin is about using these weapons. I don’t think Ukraine is going to surrender anytime soon and Putin seems desperate. Will Biden be forced to reciprocate with similar force? I don’t know if Putin’s hand will be stayed… Diplomacy and sanctions don’t seem to be working, and it seems Putin is going to take the extreme step so he doesn’t lose on the Ukrainian front… troubling times

I love living in historical events.

Putin isn’t going to nuke Ukraine they have a lot of deadly weapon that wouldn’t end with Russia being blown off the map.

Hopefully Putin is a bluffer instead of that crazy dictator we were all afraid might someday get their hands on the bomb.


It appears that Putin’s wild speech giving his excuse for his invasion plus this latest nuclear escalation is being diagnosed that Putin has a mental disorder that’s surfacing? If so, hopefully he’ll be removed by a sane Russian one way…or another?


You’re exactly right.

I was convinced he was bluffing and wouldn’t invade Ukraine at risk of exposing the Russian military as the paper tigers they clearly are.

I was wrong. Now we all know how weak the Russian military really is.

I wouldn’t put it past him to use nukes at this point.

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someone need to push him out a window.

We do this same thing when the Pentagon publicly announces when they’re raising the DEFCON level. It’s posturing.

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Putin is a Slavic inbred. His foray into Ukraine has blown up in his face and his credibility back in Moscow is in jeopardy.
The dumbass will no doubt do something profoundly abhorrent it will take a consortium of world countries to call for his ass to be brought before The Hague for crimes against humanity.
■■■■ him he’s a commie rat bastard.


It appears the Ukranian people are putting up a better fight than what was anticipated by Putin and the losses are higher than expected? Maybe if Russian soldiers lose their lives, their loved ones back home will hopefully turn the tides against this war?

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When is the last time the US publicly announced their DEFCON level in the middle of an active combat at a time of dangerously high tensions?

I’m pretty sure we did not do that during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Maybe the 1973 war?

Start of first gulf war is last time we moved to defcon level.

And yes we did during Cuban missile crises.

I can’t remember…did we announce it?

More troubling to me is this threat was made AND Russian generals are not returning Miley’s calls to set up back channels to make sure nothing gets misinterpreted.

Yes…I remember it. That’s just in case Saddam thought about using chemical weapons.

Right I just looked it up…we have publicly announced it twice and each time it was not for the entire armed forces.

1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis and in 1991 right as the Gulf War started.

Remember…Putin has his own hardliners. I know you ignored me but from Putin little rant/manifesto it is clear he’s being pushed.

I’m really curious about tomorrow. It’s possible that the Russian economy turns to dust. In any case, they’re ■■■■■■■

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It could be, but not sure this is true…reports are Putin is doing the pushing…COVID has isolated him and supposedly he has become more bitter.

Every meeting where reports have leaked out have stated the oligarchs don’t like what he is doing and many people on his staff don’t like what he is doing.

To be blunt…I’d feel way more comfortable if what you say is true and hardliners are the ones pushing him.

If he’s starting to lose it…that’s bad. If he’s being pushed…then someone, somewhere will likely pull back before it gets nuts.

Oh wait…you meant hard lines/red lines, not hardliners.

not like Putin threaten to bomb the Polish border today or anything.

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I don’t think so. Did you happen to see his meeting with his advisors, including his humiliation of his foreign intelligence chief? If he’s getting any advice, it’s probably terrible (who’s going to give him any bad news or contrary views?)

He wouldn’t be getting pressure from oligarchs, who this is ■■■■■■■ over. Do you think they give a ■■■■ about invading and occupying Ukraine as the Russian economy collapses? Looks like he’s the hardliner, unless you have information otherwise.

I think Conan meant to type hard lines/red lines, and that Putin feels WE are pushing him, and this is the only thing he can do to get our attention.

I’m waiting for Conan to clarify.