Putin asks about killing protestors

How sad he has a point. Seems we have lost the moral high ground.

"The Russian president then turned to the Jan. 6 riot, in which several hundred supporters of former President Donald Trump were caught up: “Do you know that 450 individuals were arrested after entering the Congress? … They came there with political demands.

“he said, before turning sharply towards the shooting death of unarmed Capitol protestor Ashli Babbitt by a Capitol Police”

“Did you order the assassination of the woman who walked into the Congress and who was shot and killed by a policeman?” he asked.”

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Quick question, who was President of the United States when Babbitt trespassed and got shot?

Seems like Putin is asking the wrong guy


Really? I keep hearing this being regurgibleated so I know now what the troughs are feeding. That said, an election took place the previous November that indicated otherwise which is what motivated the event being discussed. Now I know that may be to deep for you but just try to tread water in the pool of truth. Can you? :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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You clear missed the question in the OP, asked by Putin.

Let me repost

Biden was not in power to order anyone to do anything. He wasn’t President. Trump was.

True or false? Was Biden President on Jan 6th?


True. He was president all through 2020. This tact is already appearing in other threads Ans now in this one.

You’ve missed it all…as usual. Which had something to gain by the assassination of Ashli? Now think? You can do this? Then again, historically…you always seem to “miss it all”.

BTW…I’m throwing you a life preserver. Here…catch. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

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Putin wasn’t talking to the sock puppet he was talking to an NBC “reporter”. NBC hides the truth about the protest. Just like our govt wants.

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Gee, I wonder how many protesters would have died storming the Kremlin………

January 6th 2021.

Was Trump still president on January 6 2021, or was he not?

yes, It’s sad such an equivalence can be made now…

Really…you were wondering that? :thinking:

He forgot to mention that supporting navalny in any way in Russia is now a prosecurable offense. His party has been deemed an extrovert group so anything including a t short means a jail sentence.

But hey US arrest 450 people for violent trespass so it’s totes the same

Putin questioning the culpability of anyone in an “assassination” is the height of irony.


There is no equivalence. Russians would have opened fire.

Then too.

Your sarcasm meter is broken.

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Putin knows he has an audience in the United States…made up of people who feel a greater kinship to him and his government than they do their fellow Americans.


Judging off the threads here? Trump.

But either way… Biden was not in power.

Got that right.