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Was there fraud in the 2020 Election
  • Yes it was stolen
  • No it was clean
  • Yes, but no more than usual

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I voted No. I can ASSUME yes because humans are running it. However I need to see more evidence of it to change my vote.



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■■■■■ Redo!

Vote again please. I screwed it up, sorry.

If I have to vote…yes I believe it was more likely stolen then not.

Why too many unanswered questions.

So I’ll vote yes it was stolen.

Every Presidential election has isolated cases of voter fraud. In 2012, there was an Ohio woman who voted for Obama four times. In 2016, there was an Arizona dude who voted for President in Arizona and Nevada. But those cases of voted fraud didn’t effect the outcome of the 2012 and 2016 Presidential elections. There has not been any evidence of widespread voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election.

History tells us that voter and/or election fraud is limited to a small number of ballots.
For this fraud to occur it would have meant millions of ballots in multiple states.
Lots of affidavits. And every time when they were brought in front of a bench the Lawyers could not produce the evidence.
I know people who work elections. And I am convinced that there are enough checks and balances that keep wide-spread fraud at a minim.

I don’t know how to vote in this poll. I don’t like the 3rd options wording.

Yes I think there was some questionable issues and some fraud. No, I don’t think it would have changed the results, unless the actual dominion stuff pans out to be true. (But it hasn’t)

But I do think there was more weird stuff going on than “normal”.


My opinion also. More than usual…not close enough to change result for President.


100% clean. No. 99.9% clean yes.

Ivory soap clean.


Yes it was stolen. I refuse to believe that basement dwelling pot licker received 85 million legit votes. I’m still amazed the democrats nominated him, and I still question that.


My vote went to “not more than ususal” but that wasn’t my intent. IMO…the vote was stolen.

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Picked the closest available option.

With all the state’s that tried to do all mail in balloting or expanded mail in balloting with no experience of such and doing so in such a limmited time – doesn’t pass the smell test. Nor judges chaning laws as they saw fit. Elections officials changine rules as they saw fit (not the legislators of the state).


Same here for the same reason.

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There’s no evidence of widespread voter fraud. They have identified some isolated cases, many (most?) with Trump voters, and the system worked as designed to identify them.

I voted “No more than usual “

You don’t think there are 85 million people in this country who hate Donald Trump? I’d be willing to bet that more of Biden’s voters voted against Trump than voted for him. But I have no problem believing that 85 million people hate Donald Trump.

And I have no problem believing that unsolicited mail in ballots will provide a vehicle to display the raging hate of 65 million as if they were 85 million…



IIRC, you now that none (maybe Arizona) of the battle ground states used unsolicited mail in ballots right?

That mail-in ballots in those states had to be requested by the voter. So the idea that unsolicited mail-in ballots are the reason Trump lost isn’t valid. If AZ did do unsolicited mail-in ballots, it wouldn’t have changed the outcome. It just would have meant that Trump came in second by a little less.