Pulled the fire alarm to stop the voting

He’s an unreliable source. Perfect for your fake news. Like the 50 intel big wigs that lied about the laptop and/ or Russian collusion…

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Whole situation reminds me of this.

“If you want to go after General Kelly that’s up to you but I think that if you want to get into a debate with a four-star Marine general, I think that’s something highly inappropriate,” Sanders said.

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Then we learned the truth later… Lot’s of moles in the first Trump admin. Are you for endless neocon wars and open borders?


“Learned the truth”

That’s hilarious.

Back to Bowman, I don’t know if he did it out of stupidity or nefarious reasons. Or both. Maybe the video will show he tried for the door and it was locked to match his explanation. If he tried for the door and it was open then pulled it anyways that would be purely to try to obstruct the vote. Even if it were locked, maybe he thought pulling it would buy him time. This has been dropped from the media altogether with the speakership talk but if the video and findings are released there could be more focus.

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People complain (rightly so) that Trump gets nasty to those who have crossed him, or who have not supported him, etc.

It has certainly been a two-way street. All sorts of people Trump dismissed or fired or just flat-out dissed have reached down into their pouch of private pouts to toss mud. It’s the fulfillment of the saying, “Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.”

Not sure what has gone down between Trump and Kelly, but the fury is sure there now, and Kelly has drawn the wrath of Trump over this.

This charge is not new. “The Atlantic” did a hit piece with this accusation back in 2020 (or maybe 2018?), and Snopes investigated it and didn’t draw a conclusion. At the time, all there was to go on were “unnamed sources” (as was typical at the time for a lot of the Trump accusations), and even Kelly was mentioned in the Snopes analysis. But all sorts of people around Trump denied (on record) that it ever happened.

Now it’s back. Like a case of herpes.

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Cite the statute.

She was wrong. Nobody needs a debate more than a four-star Marine General

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Has Bowman been charged yet? No? Oh…that’s right…it’s being investigated. :roll_eyes:


Actually, it’s being “investigated”.

I know. It’s next on the list after Hunter’s laptop. :wink:

First they have to release the trannyfesto, dontchaknow…


There are countless examples of “the pot calling the kettle black” but this chooch takes the cake.

One thing certain about Dimbulbcrats, if they are condemning or criticizing the actions of others, they are likely engaging in similar if not worse.
Deflect Deflect lie then deflect some more. :rofl:



After his juvenile prank, he’d be smarter to keep his head down.

But no …

The absence of Reparations is holding him back? :roll_eyes:

I agree with Bowman. Biden needs to center his campaign on comprehensive immigration reform (aka amnesty and open borders) and reparations for black people. I encourage him to,do that.


This guy was a teacher in New York. No wonder their schools don’t educate. The teachers are more emotionally immature than the students. “Standardized testing is racist” Giving an excuse for student to fail but helping his career… Sad!


Bowman needs removed from Congress

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Uh Oh !


Good - He only has himself to blame.