Puerto ricos largest newspaper calls out trumps lie

the largest paper in PR called out trumps lie about aid to the island on their front page. they printed it in english and spanish instead of just spanish like usual.

this is something every paper should do. call him out for his countless whoppers
every time he has a press conference he should be called out for his lies

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I feel some mean tweets coming soon.

Fake news.

What makes you trhink the media in PR is any better then the liberal media here?

Better in what way? More accurate?

Are you disputing the numbers that they present?

What are the correct figures and ,other than the Orange Liar, what source do you have for those numbers?

Worse. It’s in Spanish :face_with_monocle: :exploding_head:

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Population of puerto rico 3 million is.

20 billion dollars spent so far

Shouldn’t the island be back to pre-hurricane condition (electric, water, sewer, roads) by now? Remember fema doesn’t pay for houses and businesses, but only infastructure.

I’m sure Trump will be devastated.

I’m sure he’ll laugh and make an off-color joke.

Doubtful. It’s not like this is a real crisis, like some Hollywood celebrity saying something unflattering about him.


Someone is getting called nasty, that’s for sure.


And I’m sure his worshipers will still worship him.

What press conferences?

Again…as I was told today. This is fake news. We do nothing but post fake news and the make comments about it. Nothing to see here. Everyone should go home, and turn there internets off, then go to sleep.

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Where the figure of $91billion actually came from:

"To get to the $91 billion figure, a senior administration official told us Trump is including the total allocation for Puerto Rico — $41 billion — plus an estimated $50 billion in future FEMA costs “over the life of the disaster,” which can stretch decades.

“It is accurate to say that $41 billion has been allocated and there will likely be billions more,” Steve Ellis, vice president of Taxpayers for Common Sense, told us via email. “But to just add up actual appropriations (most of which has not actually [been] obligated, much less cash on the ground) to some future cost estimates seems inaccurate to me.”

So Trump was talking about current allocated dollars plus estimated expected future allocations. That seems worth clarifying. It hasn’t been given yet…but will likely be given.
Way, way overdone by the paper, of course.
But it should have been explained what funds are really involved when.

Puerto Rico still crying for more more more. Let that island have itself. lol