Puerto Rico self determination act (discussion draft)


The link is to a discussion draft of legislation. It has NOT been formally introduced in Congress and thus will not appear in the congress.gov system at this time.


To enable the people of Puerto Rico to choose a permanent, nonterritorial, fully self-governing political status for Puerto Rico and to provide for a transition to and the implementation of that permanent, nonterritorial, fully self-governing political status, and for other purposes.

Short title:

This Act may be cited as the ‘‘Puerto Rico Status Act’’.

The bill would require a binding plebiscite be held in Puerto Rico on November 5, 2023.

The choices would be:

  1. Statehood
  2. Independence
  3. Sovereignty in free association with the United States

A majority would be required on any choice.

If none of those options receive a majority, a runoff plebiscite would be held on March 3, 2024, between the two top plurality winners.

The winning option would automatically be implemented without further legislation by Congress.

If Statehood is chosen, Puerto Rico would be admitted by Presidential Proclamation no later than 1 year after formal certification of the results.

If Independence or Free Association is chosen, Puerto Rico would hold a Constitutional Convention to write a national Constitution. Once the Constitution is approved by the voters of Puerto Rico, the President of the United States and the designated Head of State of Puerto Rico would jointly proclaim Puerto Rico’s Independence as a new nation.

I will agree with this bill, though I would have done it slightly differently. I would have put just two main options on the ballot, Statehood or Independence, with a second question that state’s “If Independence is chosen, do you wish Puerto Rico to remain in free association with the United States, yes or no?”

Most of all, I STRONGLY AGREE with NOT having the option to continue in the current status. Although some might wish it, keeping Puerto Rico in continued neo-colonial status is totally unacceptable.

They need to either STAY (Statehood) or GO (Independence). No more waffling in an unacceptable situation.

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The President can’t issue a Presidential Proclamation to create a new state.

Article I, Section 3 clearly says that new states must be admitted by an act of Congress. So this act can create the vote, however it would be up to Congress to pass legislation to admit PR as a State.


The legislation creating a State is contained in this bill and is self executing if Puerto Rico votes for statehood.

100% agree.

They cost more than they’re worth. Cut them loose.

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Or becoming a state.