Publix buy 5 million pound of product to support local farmers and donated it to food banks

The supermarket chain is helping out those effect by COVID both farmers and consumers are hurt heavily by the pandemic.

Supermarket chain Publix announced in April that the company would commit to purchasing produce and milk from local farmers in an effort to offset losses incurred by agriculture workers during the coronavirus pandemic.

Publix also committed to donating the purchased produce and dairy to Feeding America food banks throughout the Southeast to provide fresh fruits, vegetables and milk to families in need in the midst of the pandemic.

“As a food retailer, we have the unique opportunity to bridge the gap between the needs of families and farmers impacted by the coronavirus pandemic,” Publix CEO Todd Jones said at the time.

A niece of mine and her husband both work for Publix (separate stores) about 30 miles south of Birmingham, Alabama. She is a baker and he is a produce manager. It is a very good company.

That was nice of them. Well done.

Good for them…good thing they didn’t mention Trump.

But I’m willing to bet other super markets are doing just what they’re doing without saying anything. :wink:

Good for Publix!

My favorite grocery store.

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They were pretty good when I lived in Florida. Men who were laid off law enforcement personnel and corrections deputies worked there during the 2008 recession & were happy to have those jobs to put food on the table.

They are extra courteous around here.

Not quite so much at Krogers and they(Krogers) are always jammed.

Aunt in Atlanta got a big laugh out of Krogers in the ‘80s when they tried replacing national brands with store brands.

“Everyone loves Johnsonville Brat(wurst). Who in the heck wants to by a Kroger brat?”

I’ll take it that strategy didn’t work too well for ‘em.

The one major downside of my location near Mount Airy, North Carolina. In Pennsylvania, there are Wegman’s nearby.

In Mount Airy, it is all Food Lion, with an Aldi’s location as well. Right now, the nearest Publix’s are two locations in Winston-Salem and a location just north of Statesville. All three just around an hour away.