Public Integrity lawsuit

The ball is rolling… If congress can’t get the documents, then watchdog orgs will get them. Let the Trump admin try to defy a federal court order.

NEW: A federal judge has granted @publicintegrity a preliminary injunction in their FOIA lawsuit seeking OMB/Defense Dept docs on the withholding of Ukraine aid. She orders the agencies to release all non-exempt docs by 12/20, with first batch due 12/12.

In before “oversight is wrong”

Read page 11… direct shot at the administration

If the requested information is released after the impeachment proceedings conclude, the information may still be of historical value. However, for Plaintiff, the primary value of the information lies in its ability to inform the public of ongoing proceedings of national importance; and, in these circumstances, “stale information is of little value.” Payne Enterprises, Inc. v. United States, 837 F.2d 486, 494 (D.C. Cir. 1988). As such, Plaintiff has shown that a delay in the release of the requested information would cause irreparable harm. See Wash. Post., 459 F. Supp. 2d at 75 (“Because the urgency with which the plaintiff makes its FOIA request is predicated on a matter of current national debate, due to the impending election, a likelihood for irreparable harm exists if the plaintiff’s FOIA request does not receive expedited treatment.”); Aguilera v. FBI, 941 F. Supp. 144, 151-152 (D.D.C. 1996) (finding irreparable harm where the requested documents were to be used as evidence in an evidentiary hearing scheduled for the near future); Am. Oversight, 2019 WL 5665930, at * 3-4 (finding irreparable harm where the requested documents related to the ongoing impeachment proceedings).

Where is “oversight” in the Constitution?

Good, that’s what we need. Now all three rings are in the circus.

Perfect call… don’t presume

Why not.

Serve up the docs…let’s see what we got.



If they are exempt to release to congress, they would be exempt to release to public.

So under the order they wouldn’t be releasable if they are not releasable to congress.

Why not just make Donald Trump king?

Alphabetically, it is in the “O” section:

Right after

“N” for “not obeying subpoenas”

and right before

“P” for “paying off porn stars to silence them”

Look it up.


Since the 7.4 billion came up missing under Obama and Biden Trump was obligated to evaluate where American tax dollars were going.

Can someone explained why Obama and Biden were never concerned ?

Did Obama give Biden the authority to kill the 1 billion dollars if the guy wasn’t fired?

That’s what it looks like, like Trump the President is foreign policie not the hired help.

BS… That’s not the reason congress didn’t get the documents…

You have a link to that?

If the op is right, then i’s only non exempt documents that can be released. My thought is if congress can’t get them, then the public can’t either.

Where is “oversight” in the Constitution?

Not only that, if Congress (a co-equal branch of government) has oversight of the executive (president), doesn’t that mean the executive has oversight of congress?

Yes but not in the same way

Executive Branch

  • Checks on the Legislature
    • Veto power
    • Vice President is President of the Senate
    • Commander in chief of the military
    • Recess appointments
    • Emergency calling into session of one or both houses of Congress
    • May force adjournment when both houses cannot agree on adjournment
    • Compensation cannot be diminished
  • Checks on the Judiciary
    • Power to appoint judges
    • Pardon power
  • Checks on the Executive
    • Vice President and Cabinet can vote that the President is unable to discharge his dutiesu
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They are not “co-equal”. They are separate with separate functions.