Pssttt. There was another mass shooting this past Friday

Well, since Parkland there has been a mass shooting virtually every day. We just pay attention to the bigger ones. And in this case, I guess we haven’t talked about this one here at all.

"Gary Martin brought his firearm to a meeting where he was being fired on Friday, according to authorities. He likely knew it was possible he was going to be terminated from his longtime job at the Henry Pratt Company since he brought the weapon, said Aurora Police Chief Kristen Ziman.

She said he started shooting right after he was fired."

So now you business owners need to be more aware when firing people. You never know when they’re just gonna kill you for firing them.

Is this another “gun free zone” massacre?

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Thoughts and prayers I guess.

There are also reports of gunfire in Arundel Mills mall in Md today.

You can fell the concern, that’s for sure.

People don’t much pay attention of these issues unless it affects their family or friends. They have to be gunned down 1st. Then they normally change their opinion.

And just gow many laws did he break?

Carrying a firearm onto conpany property
Did he legally own said firearm
Discharging of a firearm in the comission of a crime
Attempted murder

Pretty sure a gun charge is not gonna be a show stopper

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Well, for the dead people it is. Especially that intern who was on his first day on the job.

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What’s your solution?

Unless they’re committed by an illegal immigrant, or persons of a certain religion. Then any crime is a national emergency.


There is no solution. Mass shootings will continue anywhere in our country and no one can stop them (if the shooter is a little competent).

Of course. Liberals love helping criminals, from making gun free zones to sanctuary cities to not building a wall. Anyway to make a broad victim base.

Perhaps a willingness to engage in honest debate, rather than shutting that down instantly in accordance with NRA guidelines?

Would honest debate include the rabid anti-gunners and gun-banners / gun grabbers moderating their positions?

Of course. Conservatives love helping criminals, from voting in Republicans who shred consumer financial protection bureaus, to turning a blind eye to Presidents who use the office to cut their estate tax bill. Because they hate America and Americans.

See how ridiculous that sounds?

Absolutely. BTW, the percentage of Americans who fall into those categories is WAAAY lower than you think it is.

Not from a random sample of liberals on here.

So if I were to search this forum for gun control threads, most liberal posters would be calling for confiscation, not background checks, prohibition of high capacity magazines, waiting periods etc.?

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You would find more than you think.

Its no suprise that criminals choose areas like liberal made gun free zones as their target.

Like, you know, your boss’ office.

Perhaps so. I’m not in agreement with them.

There are many things that set us apart from other industrialized nations, indeed from any other nation in history. But two things that set us apart today are the incredibly high per capita gun death rate and the frequency of mass shootings. The consistency of these statistics year-to-year demonstrates that they are not anomalies - they are a function of our society. Why do they occur? I don’t know. How do we decrease or eliminate them? I don’t know that either. But it is past time to have a serious debate about what can be done. Other countries appear to have had success, Australia being a prime example. Can we at least agree to discuss it, including the possibility of concrete action, without a majority of one side digging into the position that ANY action is an impermissible infringement on their rights?

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