Pruitt staffers leaked info on Zinke to take the heat off

Why don’t we treat Govt like a private business, with competition between different departments!

Oh, right. Because they will sabotage the ■■■■ out of eachother.

Everything is running very, very smoothly in the Trump WH.

Watching this administration is like watching the apprentice. You’ve got the contestants (cabinet) undermining each other to save their own skin. Every day it’s something new.

This admin is just one giant ■■■■ show.

Except the boss is very reluctant to say “You’re fired!” because he’s a giant ■■■■■ who doesn’t like personal confrontation.

I don’t think he wants to fire Pruitt, because he’s actually been pretty successful in getting rid of environmental regulations.

It’s a well-oiled Charlie Sheen.

He’s seen to be effective at doing so. In reality, a lot of that ■■■■ is being held up in court.

But yes, Trump has confidence in him so he stays. It doesn’t appear that literally anyone else in the WH has confidence in him anymore however.

Run by a notorious James Blunt.