Pruitt admits to lying about approving raises for his staff

I am shocked, shocked I tell you that Pruitt has been lying through his teeth.

There’s currently 10? federal investigations into this guy, it’s actually quite amazing that he’s survived this long.

Pruitt. Mulvaney. Zinke. Mnuchin. How do his supporters still use that (focus-tested) “drain the swamp” line with straight faces? Unreal.

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Because they’re idiots who will believe anything their particular echo-sphere will repeat.

I mean I don’t like to be unkind, but I think it’s safe to say we’ve seen more ethics misconduct in the WH in the last year than in the previous two presidencies combined.


I sounds like Pruitt needs to go.

Trump brought MORE corruption to DC. He actually deserves an award. That’s not a small accomplishment.

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Agreed. It has sounded like he needed to go quite some time ago. He is about as ethically challenged as it gets. There should be plenty of other people capable of rolling back regulations, which is what he was tasked with, that does not also have the myriad of ethics problems this man has…and has had for a long time.

Scott Pruitt live testimony.

He should probably be thinking about getting back into the private sector.

But Obama is black. That’s what most of this comes down to.

Ha. He’s been in and out of the public sector since 1999.

Mega Swamp Creature.

im waiting to hear from some trumpers about why pruitt should stay. after all trump only picks the best for his cabinet

He makes lib’s head explode. derp derp

I’ve already posted the guy needs to go for several reasons.
After rereading your OP, I’ll also say he’s not compelled to tell the truth to Fox News.