Proud Americans march on Washington. When?

Proud-to-be-an-American voters are disgusted and angry as hell with the radical Dems for their anti-American, anti-Trump, and anti-Trump voters, conduct. Enough is enough. Who can we look to call for and help initiate a “yuge” (millions) peaceful march on Washington that will let the radical Dems know that that they are really playing with fire?

Who with a loud enough voice will step up? Perhaps similarly thinking radio talk show hosts?

Someone who will be heard by all needs to lend a hand before the radical Dems do more damage to the principles and institutions of our country, and the stuff hits the fan in a chaotic way … and God forbid they should actually get close to succeeding with their unchecked coup attempts and undoIng the election.

Meanwhile, senate Republicans need to shut down the current near-treasonous attack being waged by the Dems.


Trump lost the popular vote by 3,000,000
Of those voters an unknown percentage voted more against Hillary than for Trump.
The mid-term elections flipped the House to Dem, largely on the candidates anti-Trump positions.

I suspect that your March on Washington will be composed of people who were in the largest inaugural crowd ever.

We just had the March for Life. The last person to put on something YUGE along the lines of what you suggest was Glem Beck:

Will there be tea at this party?


Peaceful demonstrations are a great idea and part of a long standing American notion of petitioning for redress of grievances.

What the… … gee thanks Mister A.

Effective politics requires seeking common ground; it is not endless point scoring Ms. TG.

Common ground is great. Quoting Miss Manners, not so much.

Lipton could sponsor. They could hand out free individual sized tea brewing packets.

Vegans Welcome

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That would be at a march against the exploding national debt. Biggest debt ever. Much bigger than Obama’s