Protests in Hong Kong

One of my favorite lines…two chins and four cheeks Pompeo.

Luckily no one relies on your selective memory.


At least when seeing that flag, it’s possible for one to say HEY! That’s an idiot in that shirt, car, house, whatever. I think I’ll stay away.

That’s not as easy when you realize you’re dealing with someone whose ancestors they brag about being anti slavery probably refused to hire free black men for good jobs. Or they seem like nice people until they start talking about such niceties as “demographics”, or don’t utter insults like the n word, but have no problem at all with economic policies that increased cost of living for those struggling, or keeping black people from working or attending school.

I’ll take the idiot with the flag over the triple S racists (snide, sneaky and subtle). Even Malcolm X, who lived in Boston for many years, preferred the in your face idiots to those.

I agree it’s the Brit’s fault, I never understood why they gave it up. I do think we should let China know if they take away their freedoms we will stop doing business with them. I just think we should stand for the principles of freedom. I know we can’t get involved militarily & I’m not saying that.

I do think we should let the Chinese government know we will arm Taiwan, Japan, & the surrounding states if they continue down their present path because we believe they will soon be threatening them all. I think we should also recognize Taiwan as a separate & sovereign state.

If there is no consequences they will continue to do worse. China is now set to become more oppressive than North Korea. They, with the help or IBM & Google are setting up an ultra mass surveillance state to monitor it’s subjects 24/7.

They are using a politically correct social credit system replete with an inescapable network of surveillance cameras keyed to facial recognition, China has morphed into a technocratic totalitarian state that has built in punishments for not keeping in line.

If you get a little low on social credits you will not be allowed to attain a ride to work, you will walk, a little lower, & you lose your job, a little lower & you have your photo distributed to the entire neighborhood & they must not even speak to you, come near you, or have any interaction with you or they will lose social credits. Enough loss on social credit you might end up in prison.

Be religious & lose credits, especially certain ones uber targeted by the state.

You will be given daily “tests” of proclamation of praise for the great leader, & China, & fail to do that you lose credits. Speak a complaining word or make a negative statement anywhere any time of the state or great leader & lose credits.

Getting the drift? It’s probably why the people of Hong Kong are so anxious about their civil liberties & the protests are continuing. They know the fate that awaits them.

I believe the road China has taken will kill the goose that lays the golden eggs. That level of authoritarianism will take the spirit out of the people, destroy innovation, & eventually destroy their economy.

I also think most foreign companies in China will soon decide doing business there is just too risky. I hope I’m wrong.

The Army has entered Hong Kong this will be getting very bloody.

I didn’t know that. It will be bad for us all.

Liberal communists secretly cheering on the Chinese regime. Must be all those racist American flags being held up in Hong Kong.

Let me pose an hypothetical.

Someone is at a D Trump rally and starts to wave a Chinese flag. I am sure no-one on here nor D Trump would have any problem whatsoever with that action.

Trump says China would be harder on Hong kong if not for his trade talks.

Obviously, Trump loves Tariffs and it would give him an excuse to make them even higher. As they should be.

While letting China into the WTO in hopes of reform was a fine experiment, it has failed. No democracy should be trading with them without reforms.

“handle it, in a humane fashion”

Trumps version of standing up for human rights sounds like something you’d hear a slaughterhouse foreman say.

Looks like China blinked. I’m sure they didn’t want more tariffs. Trump is cool…

Hong Kong’s Carrie Lam formally withdraws extradition bill

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No thank you. Americans-only for American politics. I only entertain voices that matter in this country. :wink:

What did trump do to achieve this?

He told them it would be real hard to end tariffs if China was oppressing Hong Kong. What did your PM do?

China is still opressing hong kong.

Especially since his govt was part of the coup against Trump…

I’d support their leaving China. What does you PM think?

Good for you, but trump has done nothing to help protesters

Flying that 'Murican flag. I love it. lol