Protests in Hong Kong

Because we were soft on China during Bush and Obama… Trump is hitting them where it hurts…

We still have lots of Tariffs on them…

if he really wanted to do that he would have continued the TPP which was specifically created to counter China by creating a united front with many countries…but he didnt

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who pays the tarrifs, why would he care about the Christmas season?

BUt, I’m glad you support his current tariffs now!

did…did you see me say tariffs were good?

that video proves that the tarrif do not hurt China but instead hurt US consumers…

Aren’t they protesting the extradition treaty, not tariffs?

Make you wonder if Google is help the commie/fascist Chinese govt identify the protester and their leaders?

I hope China goes overboard to the point of sparking an international response.


The flag Americans embrace when they want to oppress.


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according to some that there is a fine flag

The importers and foreign sellers.

It’s very symmetrical.

China will be the problem every future president will have to face. I would like to see the gloves taken off Japan, or at least a build up of the imperial navy.

OP, Trump is trying to make a deal with China. Why are you attempting to undercut negotiations? Do you not love America?

Perhaps you would like me to contact my local MLA and MLC member and ask if they can put a motion to the Legislative Assembly and Council respectively urging the USA legislature to adopt comprehensive gun law reform?

Maybe, just maybe, the appropriate forum would be the United Nations.

Also, it might help if Donald Trump watches the video in the links below. It might give him some ideas of how to behave. Be warned the content of the video is graphic in describing what happened.

How does Trump cutting USA foreign aid reduce China’s influence?

Elephant memory

However, he (Obama) added that in line with both US foreign policy and American values over all, the US believes people have the right to express themselves freely, and that Hong Kong’s elections should be fair, transparent and “reflective of the opinions of people there

This was inevitable. I’m not surprised.

And we should stay out of it.

If anyone is at fault it’s the British.