Protests do not seem to have spiked COVID cases...this may be why

…first, as is becoming increasingly clearer…transmission outdoors is much lower indoors.

But second and equally important, the protests actually caused a secondary social distancing effect, as most people stayed at home and “hunkered down” to avoid the protests. This seems borne out in cell phone trackIng and other metrics of mobility.


More likely people are inside more right now. Look, if it was the protest purely, we would see a rise in NY. But we didn’t see the spike we did in Arizona. More likely is that the south is hot and people are inside. AC recirculates air and increase transmission that way.

So we only need to terrorize the majority of American citizens and make them afraid to leave their own homes, and we have this licked.


So…all those pictures of people at crowded beaches are garbage? And we only learned this because journalists were looking to excuse the rioters?

I don’t buy it for one second I saw the protests in my area, I would say half had masks they were screaming at the top of their lungs side by side, not six feet apart. It’s to deny basic science of how and airborne virus spreads to think the protestors didn’t spike the coronavirus, and I think the people writing these articles know it.

The same thing goes for the Trump rally, anytime there is a large group of people gathered screaming at the top of their lungs during a pandemic that infects by air travel you are spreading the virus. The protests literally started at the exact time things were getting a lot better and went on for weeks and is still going on in some places.

This happened today close to me today in Colorado

I am expected to think just because they are protestors that somehow the virus treats them differently than the rest of us, and that the rules of social distancing and wearing masks do not apply to them. These articles coming out lately competing in mental gymnastics for the protestors, are the same people a month ago telling everyone to stay at home, practice
social distance, and don’t be in a gathering larger than 4 people. I am not playing their games, if I should social distance and wear a mask to not spread a deadly virus so should the protestors period.


Masks work. Listening to the radio and watching fox news doesn’t


Inside No Mask

Outside With Masks

This isn’t that hard people.

You’d think NYC would be seeing a massive resurgence right? Or Portland?
No wait its just all the places where covidiots refuse to wear masks and congregate indoors


The masks stop 95% of particles larger than 0.35 microns. The virus is 0.1 microns. The virus passes through your mask and lands on mine. I suck air through my mask. Explain the science behind why I don’t suck in your virus through my mask.

They were wrong as was the Who which was also saying it against masks Tokyo should have been the eye opener for why people should have wore masks.

I saw that on Facebook too :rofl:

So, you don’t know. Maybe it’s not as simplistic as you paint it.

I wouldn’t think that NYC would be seeing a resurgence since so many people have been infected already at one time it was estimate 1/3rd of NYC has already had the virus and less likely to get it again, even if they can? Not sure how long the antibodies will last in me but isn’t it typical in these type of viruses?

Even Cuomo back in April said 21% of NYC residents tested had had the antibodies and from what I have read that not sure a person can be infected twice at this point or how long the antibodies last.


Most protesters were wearing masks. Folks, please wear ■■■■■■■ mask!

Totally bro. It’s a giant lie!! Masks do nothing!!1!


It’s not the simple they have been running people off beaches since this started. It’s always been social distancing even when the mask question was in doubt which thankfully it isn’t as much now, I never heard anyone say that social distancing wasn’t important. Large groups can spread the virus, some studies show that screaming and shouting is the easiest way to spread the virus, then they are those they call the super spreaders who can infect mass amounts of people.

The same city I posted the pictures of in Aurora CO today the police about a month ago scared me, my wife and daughter to death as we were walking down our suburbs one evening close to night and through the megaphone blasted “You are not social distancing and close to breaking curfew go home”, in which we turned around and walked home.

Yo bro a water molecule is 2.75 nanometers I guess that means your mask will let all water through if I spray some at you. So pointless wearing a mask!!

To be fair, it’s probably still a bit early to tell.

Yea imagine doing that inside at a rally woth no masks

Unless you can score the good masks that cleared the shelves day one the 3M N95 ones I think might cover 0.1.

You are 100% correct and I said above that was equally as stupid, I would not have attended much less brought my family to a coronavirus rally.

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