Protesters aim to shut down O'Hare on Labor Day

"Protesters led by an activist Chicago minister plan to shut down the nation’s second busiest airport on Labor Day by blocking the primary highway leading into and out of O’Hare International.

The Rev. Gregory Livingston says Monday’s march along the Kennedy Expressway is an effort to highlight the violence and lack of educational and employment opportunities on the city’s South and West sides."

I don’t see this going well.

And I can say this: If my travel were impacted by this, you can bet it wouldn’t endear me to their cause.

For the record, I agree that the violence and endemic conditions in those areas (as well as in many parts of urban areas nationwide) are unconscionable.

Bring lots of zip ties and buses.

Yeah, they should just be quiet and protest in a way we can all can easily ignore… protests in the black community are only about cops anyway.

Maybe try city hall or the state capitol where they would be impacting the people responsible instead?

Lack of employment opportunities on the south and west sides?
Um… why in the world would a business not want to set up shop there.

Democrat run cities…

Yep, WR and Ish,

These idiots will line up to vote for more of the same every time.
Einstein weeps.

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Which party has been running Chicago for decades and decades?

Oh, that’s right The Democratic party.

I don’t get it…I thought Rahm’s policies were working in Chicago and that it’s the lib blueprint for the nation?

Oh wait. DEMS never shut things down.

Did they shut it down?

About 40 to 60 people participated at the protest, according to a police spokesperson.

Well that’s disappointing.