Prostitution Anyone?

How does decriminalization of prostitution affect wives? Are you suggesting that men would cheat on their wives more often if women were not committing a crime by selling it?

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I just knew if you posted enough times you would eventually say something that I agree with. :wink:

Wives (generally) object to their husbands having sex with other women. If the woman is a prostitute, prostitution being legal does not increase the level of her objection. That’s common sense.

According to the latest survey up to 20% of couples have engaged in consensual non monagamy at one time or another

Keeping it illegal has been a boon for modern day slavers.


What’s wrong with being a sex worker?

Hookers have their place in this world.

You don’t consider sex trafficking harm? Prostitution is a major factor in why sex trafficking is occurring.

Illegal prostitution is primarily why sex trafficking occurs.


In the words of the late, great George Carlin:

Selling is legal, ■■■■■■■ is legal. So what’s wrong with selling ■■■■■■■?!

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Paying for sex from someone who may be disease ridden, rather than getting it at home?

I think there’d be some extra feeling of resentment there.

That admit to it in a survey. I’d bet it’s more than that.

No, but it will most certainly add a few extra layers of scorn. :wink:

Unbelievable. You have scraped right through the bottom of the barrel, an I ain’t no Bernie Sanders fan either.

Anywhere you find women prostituting themselves you usually don’t have to look very far for drugs or an abusive male.

Because it’s illegal. In places where it’s legal, it’s a business. Remove the stigma and it’s fine.

Logical extension.

Would the law changing cut down on the abuse sex workers endure?

Is that so? Not according to this paper.

Big time.