Prosecutors to Subpoena Trump’s UK Golf Courses

I don’t understand why fat donald did not divest from his companies once he took office. If any D president would’ve done the same thing, Republicnas would be having a synchronized meltdown. Hopefully Scotland will do the right thing since fat donald is not a popular guy there.

Maryland’s Attorney General, Brian Frosh, feels confident the investigation will show corruption. He says, “We are confident that at the end of discovery we will be able to prove our case that President Trump is violating the constitution’s emoluments clauses, America’s first anti-corruption laws.”

Trump’s UK golf courses are reportedly unsuccessful and regularly lose money. This makes the investigators all the more curious about the money coming in from the courses.

Isn’t this the golf course Deutsche Bank eventually turned Trump down for another loan while he was running for a President.

That he didn’t divest is not surprising. Donald is a moron.

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I hate that Trump is just bulldozing over the norms of the presidency, I really do. But when the next dem president does anything the right doesn’t like? Too bad. You pretty much caused this.


In before “WITCH HUNT!!!”

Please start another thread when someone actually finds something illegal with the financing of the Golf courses.

impeached for putzing around?

Maybe Trump can start spending weekends at his European golf courses. This way all of the tax payers money will help beef up sagging profits abroad.

It’s not my fault that fat donald and his ilk is so damn corrupt.

No thanks,we don’t want him here.

Sorry Tommy. Didn’t mean to offend you.

Ha ha,none taken,I don’t think the Scottish people would take kindly to him visiting his course there at weekends,they really despise him.