Prosecutor: Proof of election fraud in US House race in Va

This Republican’s staffers forged a bunch of signatures to try to get 3rd party candidate on the ballot to help this Republican when.

Now that is flat out cheating.

“Taylor has maintained that he was aware of the effort to get Brown on the ballot by his campaign staffers. But he said he knew nothing of any wrongdoing and fired campaign staff tied to the scandal.”

voter ID will fix it.

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It’s funny how the side that screams the loudest about voter/election fraud always seems to be the ones caught with their hands in the cookie jar.


3,000,000 illegals voting…

This is proof that the Democrats need to be in prison.


If this has happened, they were wrong and they should be incarcerated. I dont care what side of the aisle they are on.

Time to wave those flags!

kris Kobach is on the case!

And not one shred of evidence that those votes were cast illegally… just Trump massaging his hurt feelings that he lost the popular vote.

Trump’s Election Fraud commission collapsed because it was so unprofessional.

Present some evidence or we can just write off your claim as unfounded.

im sure there is proof of that? would love to read it

I think that he was being a bit sarcastic.

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Lighten up, Francis.
I was reinforcing the statement of the post I was replying to by bringing up trump’s claim of 3,000,000 illegal votes (the side screaming loudest about voter/election fraud)

oh im sure ;p

however there was another post in another threads about Trump having won, without counting illegals, 49 states… i was hopping since that post got ignored someone else would post the info here

add to the fact that there is actual documented proof of a Republican commiting electoral fraud and yet 0 proof about the scary immigrants