Prosecution rests in first trial of Capitol riot defendant Guy Reffitt

Guy Reffitt did not take the stand, nor did his attorney put on an affirmative defense, calling no witnesses.

The case goes to the jury tomorrow and I don’t think deliberations will be too terribly long.

The most damning charge against Reffitt is not for January 6th at all, but for Obstruction of Justice for threatening his kids if they turned him in, which the son bravely went and did.

If he is convicted, he will likely eat more jail time for the obstruction charge than for anything actually related to January 6th.

If he is convicted, very likely that other defendants who have chosen to go to trial will have a change of heart and plead out.

In any event, we may know the verdict by the end of the day Tuesday.

Why would he decline a plea bargain, push it to trial, and then not offer any defense?

His attorney did question and attempt to impeach prosecution witnesses, but that was about it.

Regardless, if convicted, he will find it was a stupid decision, as he will likely eat a far more substantial sentence than that he would likely have received had he taken a plea.

Of course, the most obvious reason his attorney didn’t offer an affirmative offense is that he doesn’t have one. :smile:

But, isn’t it pretty much a given that a plea deal yields a lighter sentence than a trial?

Also, thanks for responding.

I can not come up with any reason that he wanted this to go to trial. This will do nothing more then costing him a butt load of money. If he thinks this will make him some sort of martyr so be it.

This world has gone absolutely insane.


Why is it insane that when a crime is committed that a person who (presumably) participated in a crime and then threatens someone that has knowledge the individual committed the crime, that the person is then charged with obstruction for making the threat?


Fellow Three Percenter Rocky Hardie testified last week that Reffitt said he wanted to physically remove members of Congress from the Capitol and replace them with people who would “follow the Constitution.”

Hardie told the court that he considered Reffitt’s words to be “hyperbole” and didn’t think he would act on them.

Following the riot, authorities say, Reffitt warned his children not to speak to law enforcement about him.

“If you turn me in, you’re a traitor and you know what happens to traitors,” Reffitt said to his son and daughter, according to court papers. “Traitors get shot.”

Reffitt’s 18-year-old son ultimately tipped the FBI off to his father’s role in the attack.

If this is the basis for your prosecution, IMO…it’s because you don’t actually have anything that was the basis for this whole accusation.


Otherwise respectable professionals cheering political persecutions that embolden our enemies like Putin and Xi.

The world and US politics especially are demonstrably out of the sane area.

Only good news is Brandon is doing what he does best by opening the door for Trump to return.

Go get 'em…

What kind of son turns his father in for trespassing in a building? What sort of father threatens to shoot his son?
Basically, they are prosecuting someone for being an ignorant low class redneck, IMO.
Hold my beer. Watch this!


Well, other than the four other felonies, you’re right.

What kind of father threatens to shoot his child for reporting him for trespassing?


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Label the truth of what happened with as many crimes as the court allows but the bigger truth is…this world has gone crazy.

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That’s beyond despicable but I believe it’s more of that “hyperbole” that has been attributed to him in court testimony.

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Didn’t his son provide the quotes?

I believe you are just repeating my second sentence, but ok.

It’s probably quite accurate and without question rings of “hyperbole”, doesn’t it? If this is what our court system is going after, rather than an actual crime from that day, then this is a “nothing burger” that is being turned into something else.

And the other four felonies should be thrown out?

They are all facets of the same diamond.