Proposal: Supreme Court Justice Terms

There have been various proposals to stop SCOTUS justices from having lifelong terms.

In some ways this may reduce the partisan rankor over a process which seems otherwise irrevocably broken. Less efforts to appoint younger and younger justices. Less efforts to delay nominees and a more orderly process. Less worry about octogenarian’s mental capacity.

Terms of 18 years. A single presidential term would appoint two new justices.


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No, they have a lifetime appointment for good reason.

What reason is that?

Good luck. It would take a constitutional amendment. That will never happen in today’s political climate.

Can you imagine telling many Dem’s/Libs that their candidate if nominated and seated would be kicked off in 18 years? They would come unglued.

Not really asking if it’s politically viable, just curious if anyone thought it was a good idea or not.

I’ve thought that this would be a very good idea for a very long time, and worth a Constitutional amendment if needed. I don’t really see a downside.

Note that justices would need to be limited to a single term.

So when liberals see someone confirmed that they don’t like, time to change the rules?

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Don’t think term limits would work. I think a good remedy is to force balance on the court.

9 SC judges…3 conservatives, 3 liberals and 3 moderates(swing votes).

You understand this would apply to Justices appointed by Democrats, right?

And someone decides they don’t want to vote reliably liberal or conservative anymore…

Litmus tests to get on the court and you can’t deviate?

You really don’t know? Did you sleep through high school civics or just go to a really crummy school?

Even if that was a desirable outcome, there’s no way to ensure it - the Justice on the bench isn’t always the Justice that was nominated.

Yes. Just slightly amused by the timing of this suggestion.

Why not when Obama was appointing that wise Latina woman who can make better decisions than a white guy?

It would also have been a good idea then, IMO. And when Thomas was appointed. And the justices before them.

What’s with the insults? Just asking a question. Do you want to discuss the issue or just be rude?

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Yeah. This is the partisan rankor I was talking about.

The process took a sharp downward spiral the last few years.

Well…I guess we will be forever stuck in this partisan stew. I for one am tired of this political tribal BS going on in this country. This country being ruined due partisan politics and thirst for influence, power and in many situations wealth.

This very board is pretty good sample size on what’s wrong with America. I don’t mind opposing views. We wouldn’t be who we are if we didn’t, but learn to compromise to achieve common ground for the betterment of the American people, ALL OF US.

Like when Schumer said he wouldn’t even consider any more SC nominees by Bush?

I agree with you on that.

Yeah. Exactly that. Also when Republicans refused to actually consider Obama’s nominations.

It was a legitimate question, I find it hard to believe you do not know why they were given life time appointments. It’s not exactly esoteric knowledge.