Propaganda and Social Media Wars-The Future of Elections?

I believe so. Kind of sheds a new light on the 230 Hearings, Russian bot farms, etc.

Interesting stuff.

From the above

When the Hunter Biden laptop story emerged, for example, some Democrats — worried that it would be 2020’s version of the Hillary Clinton email story — suggested that the Biden campaign should forcefully denounce it. But the campaign’s testing found that most voters in its key groups couldn’t follow the complexities of the allegations, and that it wasn’t changing their opinion of Mr. Biden.

Why they didn’t really address it.

Fascinating. And well done.


…the rest of the story (aka, the following paragraphs)

“We had running surveys so we could see in real-time how people were responding,” said Caitlin Mitchell, a digital adviser for the Biden campaign. “The two big metrics were: Are you aware of this? And many people had heard of it. The secondary category was: Are you concerned by it? And the clear answer was no.”

The campaign still responded to the reports, and Mr. Biden defended his son on the debate stage. But it stopped short of mounting a full-throated counter-messaging campaign.

Not concerned, because it was BS.

Good article. Thanks.

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You’re welcome.

I can answer that in two words.

China virus…changed everything for Trump. Got him back peddling and tough to exploit his positive message.

It was no digital mastery by Biden…He was lucky.

You are not going to turn this thread into another discussion of the specifics of a case.

Planned empathy and highly organized and professional “down to earth” internet media.
Did no one in Trump’s campaign advise him that, especially during a pandemic, he had an empathy problem he needed to have technical professionals correct?


It helps to have a media that will so so the story for you.


They did and he did not listen to them.

A blind spot.


They eschewed Twitter and embraced Facebook. Smart. I noticed that during the campaign.

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Prove it.

It’s an opinion, nothing to prove or disprove.


Both sides have dedicated media to spread their propaganda.

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:rofl: You made it up?

Opinions are not made up.

They are opinions.

Just like some people believe the earth is flat.

Now I know you believe in the “American nations”.

It’s just an opinion that you hold.

It is made up however.


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Just like a horoscope.

What’s opinion about “They did and he did not listen to them.”?

One of my ex’s’ believed them wholeheartly.

You can tell what a person was by the date and time and place you were born.

Nothing I could do to persuade her otherwise.

So I just let sleeping dogs lie.


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:joy: That thing really stings you.

You should try studying on it. It is science.