PROMISES MADE, PROMISES KEPT: Here’s the Tally of Trump’s ‘289 Accomplishments’ in Only 20 Months | Sean Hannity

Less than one day before American voters head to the polls to decide the direction of the United States, the Washington Examiner posted a stunning list of the President’s ‘289 accomplishments’ and promises kept to the country.

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Makes you wonder exactly what is that liberal Democrats don’t like about all this good news. After all it was crazy Uncle Joe (Biden) who said its all about that “3 letter word”………….JOBS, which is actually 4 letters but whose counting certainly not Democrats since they seem to be unhappy with the creation of 3.5 MILLION jobs in less then 2 years so why was it important to Dems back then but not now?

And it was Dems that said the new norm would be no more then 2.0 growth when currently we are at 4.2 and growing! So if dimwitted Dems can’t count and don’t want growth how can they govern, oh that’s right………. they can’t!!