Progs and Elon Musk

What did he invent?

Most inventions are combinations of things that already exist.

from Elon Musk is Just Another Hypocritical Tech Billionaire

It is exceedingly rare that an inventor comes up with something completely new. Virtually all inventions are the result of combining existing elements and adding something new.

Taking it from an idea on paper to actually building it will require multiple innovations.

Read the article I just linked. He invents a lot, he doesn’t patent because that requires disclosing what you invented. He keeps them as trade secrets instead. If you don’t think a tesla has a lot of innovation tucked in it, you haven’t been paying attention. He built the HVAC system from scratch as one example and now says he may use it to revolutionize home hvac.

He’s not one of them.


I give him props, for making the electric car viable. He took existing technologies, and figured out how to make it viable.

Many of those technologies, were developed using government funded research for the last several decades. That never seems to be mentioned by conservatives.

FYI…Tesla was a customer of mine, and I visited their facility long before the the Model S was in production…

Is green tunnel not enough?

The rich boy is flailing in the wind.

As I already mentioned, no he didn’t just take existing tech, they designed the hvac from the ground up as one example. Lots of innovation in the software side of things as well.

Apparently you don’t know why he did it.

The guy is awesome he is the new Howard Hughes a true visionary

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I never claimed Musk was not innovative. And using Trade secrets, protects the owner of those secrets.

I did not see anything on the HVAC in the linked article.

My point still stands. He did not invent anything,

He used to patent early on, so he holds at least three patents, making your assessment, incorrect. Who’s tech did he use to auto land rockets? I must have missed the people doing it before he did.

Go on…

Learning how to tunnel, for a later hyper loop.

For that matter, what did Edison invent?

Dude, we know how. It’s called a subway.


That HVAC does not work, without battery technology. Or the chips that were designed to make it work.

And it is still on the drawing board. (for home use)

I applaud people like Musk, Jobs, Ford, Gates, even Bezos. They took existing technologies, and figured out new ways to make new or better products…

But there is much more to the story. And that should be recognized.

Hell, the MRNA vaccines that were developed for Covid, in such a short time, primarily came from previous years of government funded research.

I applaud Muck for releasing patents, so others could take those ideas, and improve them, or possibly develop other products.

Was the various technologies available until recently to develop those types of rockets?

There is a reason the smart phone did not become viable until 2008. The chips and memory to make it work, were not small, or powerful enough to make a viable smart phone. Until 2008. Remember the Palm 7? It sent email via RF technology (late 90’s). As the internet, was not ready to go mobile yet.

Musk has a proven track record of doing things differently, usually resulting in it being done a good deal faster and much more cheaply. We knew how to launch rockets too, but not like Musk can.

The bold is known as invention. You can’t claim the iphone wasn’t an invention because computer chips existed, sorry.

Edison didn’t invent the lightbulb, we already had glass, electricity and wire.