Progressivism beginning to resemble a religious cult bent on suicide -Tucker Carlson

Tucker Carlson observed the open borders crowed, by welcoming in those who would destroy progressivism, resembled a cult bent on suicide.
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I can’t see anything wrong with the logic. Can you?

I have a strong sense to self preserve myself.



Irony alert on aisle 3.


Exactly what I was thinking.

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Got to love the idiots intro screed.

Anyone else notice the irony red flag there?



Is exactly what is making money for Mr. Carlson. The crazy part is that the tubes don’t get it. Because they are so accepting of the lying, appreciate the pomposity, relish in the smugness, and employ nothing other than group think. Ever. Look at “spy gate” as Exhibit A.

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Rubes not tubes. Edit anyone? :man_facepalming:

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Yeah, that drives me up the wall. This is the reason you keep an old program running simultaneously to rolling out a new program. There are always bugs to work out.

And they don’t seem to be in any hurry to fix this one.

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I’m the last person anyone should consult on how to employ technical changes, but @Eclipze had posted in the “edit gone” thread the Discourse actions that can be taken to fix the issue. I wonder why no one has taken him up on his insight or skill here? The mods can all edit. So it is fixed for them. Just not the rest of us. It’s mildly annoying, but not a game changer of course. I’ll still happily come here and chat with you all regardless. :wink:

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If anyone cares to observe the product of liberal progressivism, look no further than Evergreen College. Enrollment is way down, layoffs are happening and all a result of ant-racist policies that were…wait for it…racist. Everything is fine in liberal theory but when it’s time for the rubber to meet the road, it’s a recipe for implosion.

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I agree. By the way, I meant to reword my last post to you but couldn’t edit it. If you took any offense I apologize. It was bad wording.

Notice how NOT ONE progressive refuted the conclusion, treated the actual argument. It should be easy to contradict, if its so foolish:

Progressive open border policies are flooding their homeland with voters who hate them to the core of their being, and as soon as they have enough political power they will discriminate against progressivism here in the west, just like they do in the Middle East.

If progressives think Christians are bad, wait till the Muslim hoard surrounds them. They hate everything progressives stand for, from gay rights to xyz.

Then you aren’t a progressive open borders enthusiast. The logic only applies to them.

No my friend. I know you mean well but the lack of an “edit”…it may not read back how we intended to write it?

I am liberal who supports a common sense approach to the DACA problem.


My “you” was rhetorical, not meaning you personally. I realized my mistake after I hit “reply”. Glad you weren’t offended.

Look how they are labeling Christianity a cult, hinting at it. that’s classic cult reaction to a logical questioning of their sanity,

Muslims HATE progressives, they KILL them in countries where they have majorities. Progressives are inviting Muslims to move here, and with their high birth rates its possible they will outnumber progressives very quickly.

That is suicidal. Insanity.

Trump’s offer (which pissed over many conservatives) to legalize over a million DACA, was very common sense yet “the resistance” won’t work with him.

They want the issue for 2020. But I don’t think it will do them as much good as they think. If I were a DACA, I’d be hating the left right now for NOT working with Trump.

Tucker is right, the left promotes racism as it pretends not too.

How do you figure Keith Elison, CMI?

Muslim and liberal?


Sorry, BAC. Mixing up my trump supporters.


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Shelby Steel was quoted:

"Its amazing to me the amount of creativity and imagination that goes into reinventing racism…

Victimization is power, and its money. These are people who are pursuing not a race free world or a world free of racism, but these are people who are pursuing wealth."