Progressive San Francisco DA recalled by voters in one of nation's most liberal cities

While I am happy to see this piece of ■■■■ given the boot in perhaps our most liberal city.

This country needs to do a much better job of ferreting out these scumbags before they ever get on the ballot.

Chesa Boudin says he wants to change things??? That would be just fine, BUT…

Your in the wrong ■■■■■■■ office.

Run for the California Legislature.

A District Attorney, regardless of State, has only one duty and that is to ENFORCE THE LAWS AS WRITTEN. Not enforce the laws as they would like them to be.

And there needs to be methods available to quickly punish and remove prosecutors who go rogue.

Whether the jurisdiction is conservative, liberal or in between, research your DA candidates carefully. Make sure they are running to do the job of enforcing the laws, not the rogue job of trying to rewrite the laws to their liking.

Stop these rogues early by voting them down in your party’s primary.


Well stated.

This is a bigger issue than the attention it gets. Bigger than police malfeasance. A key contributor to current crime spike.

Chesa was the best DA George could buy and he’s got a lot more money left, a lot more cities and a lot more dummies who’ll just pull the lever.

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Another example of this simple reality.

People are sick of the liberal left and what it’s doing to our country


And back in my hometown of Pittsburgh looks like you can start a fire that kills three firefighters and there’s no accountability either.

I was so very happy to see this happen.

People are sick and tired of the pendulum swinging too far. This is how pendulums swing back. Good!

Point is that the are not tired of the liberal left they are telling the liberal left to reel it in. This reform movement is an epic failure not because of its intentions but because of execution. There are plenty more out there who need to be recalled.

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Except for the 20 years time served, that is

Brown, who works as a custodian, had served a couple of days in U.S. custody after his indictment in 2016 but has otherwise been free pending trial.


walked away with a sentence of time served, although he had already served 20 years in state prison.

What you are referring to is time spent after his conviction was overturned in 2014.

The article was confusing then. Thanks for the clarification.

This is the guy who had two terrorist parents, right?

San Francisco and many West Coast liberals are frustrated with the politics of the Far Left. Too idealistic, too unrealistic, too dogmatic as it relates to homelessness, policing and racial justice issues.

Its a good thing to see a shift back to more moderate and sensible liberal values that are far more pragmatic and realistic.

I’d love to see the same thing happen with the Far Right as it pertains to gun laws, abortion rights and flirting with fascism/Trumpism.


Here’s some red meat for the conservatives showing what has gone wrong with the domination of Far Left in politics in San Francisco. Great article.

Liberals got what they wished for. They voted for the likes of pelosi. Garbage in equals garbage out.

What is the liberal value here?

Good post.

Perspective -



It’s purely performative seemingly with zero pragmatism or any real world logic applied.

Like the whole “defund the police” disaster. As I recall, reason given for that was “something something something social justice”. And it ends up with something like:


I don’t want to shift this to a gun laws thread as its focusing more on progressive overreach- but I would say that even 25 years ago a lot of conservatives were fine with sensible gun laws.

Interesting stats. In general I would think that a lot of crime would have gone down in SF as it became an Uber-wealthy enclave starting in the 80’s/90s. I would guess this is the same in NY and other big cities.

I didn’t see what you thought about those stats tho- what do you mean by perspective?