Progressive Democrat Hatred this 4th of July

We are clearly two nations with irreconcilable differences.

Well technically, they aren’t lying.


There. Are a lot of crazy mother ■■■■■■■ in the retread woke culture. That is a ■■■■■■■ fact.

Depends on one’s definition of technically. This is a ■■■■■■■ joke


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And?..Where are they wrong?

Where are they right?

Right here for starters…

Maxine Waters quote below

They are correct. The holiday was made for free white men. Black people were not free when the DoI was signed.


It’s not technical, it’s literal.

The Constitution literally makes enslaved black people 3/5th’s of a person.

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The Democratic party is incapable of focusing on any positive aspect of America History.

The ‘difference’ is easy enough to reconcile: own the past. All of it. Especially the grimey bits. Stop pretending there’s some exculpatory specialness in the colonial British project, or that race isn’t the signature development of that project.

Stop pretending that racial exploitation wasn’t so foundational to the US that even a brutal war to put down treason in defense of slavery wasn’t enough to undo it. Stop pretending that the white supremacists, armed with religious justifications and a terrorist movement, didn’t spend the next hundred years rebuilding a new version of racial exploitation.

Stop pretending the drug war and the Gingrich assault on democracy aren’t more of the same.

Stop pretending that the movement conservative rage-machine, ginned up by Nixon and perfected by Reagan, isn’t what it so obviously is: white grievance reaction, becoming a nationalist fascism.


Anybody who opposes any aspect of progressivism is obviously a white supremacist.

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4th was really popular with African American after the civil war, so a bunch of states outlawed their events.


Progressivism is a religious doctrine for which I have no use.

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45’ and a good amount of the diehard Trumpers in a nutshell…


Happy 4th of July everyone!!!


fun read about how racist ruined the 4th for freed slaves.

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Yes, Cori Bush is still not free.