Problem Solved!: Trey Gowdy Joins the Impeachment Defense Team

How’s he doing his hair these days?

Oh Cripes!!!


Its interesting this is suddenly called an investigation rather than inquiry with no votes? Nice play on the slight of hand.

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I think they forgot the voters will decide the issues they are dramatizing today.

I like what is happening and do not want to throw them off track.


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Yep liberals are just mad because trump is calling out what this actually is. A dog and pony show to help with the election.

I like Trey Gowdy.

He should be able to help President Trump.

I understand he has the formula for anti-Pelosi venom.


Seriously, what is Gowdy’s play here?

Does he not know/believe his words won’t be used against him, or does he believe Trump is innocent and they will release all supboened materials and free witnesses to talk?

What investigation it’s an inquiry.

Trey will be ready to step in when they lock Rudy in the Congressional cafeteria for the rest of the term.


If I didn’t know any better, I’d think you were talking about the Benghazi Select Committee, headed by Gowdy, that uncovered nothing new about Benghazi, completed its investigation in December 2016, and conveniently timed the release of its report right around the nomination conventions.

You got me… I was careless with the words. So now are you willing to offer an opinion on the advice Gowdy should give Trump or are you going to continue to hide from the matter at hand?

I’m not sure what he has to offer. He came out of the 11 hour Benghazi marathon hearing with Hilldawg looking pretty sweaty and angry that he couldn’t pin anything on her.

The deflections to avoid talking about Gowdy are loud and clear.

DC donkeys are especially adept at avoiding pins…tails or no tales…


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I have the Trey Gowdy card in my TOPPS Congressional trading card collection from 2015.




Says a lot about how not good Gowdy is at his job. If, in 11 hours, he couldn’t pin anything on Hillary regarding Benghazi, when she was OBVIOUSLY at fault, then how is he supposed to manage to contribute an effective defense for Trump?

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But Trump only hires the best people!

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We are here and posting all things Trey.

I like Trey and he is a good backup for when Rudy gets locked in the Congressional cafeteria.


There’s a lot of that going on right now.

Two noticeable trends I’m seeing during this Ukraine business:

-Trump loyalists are deflecting A LOT more than usual.

-Trump loyalists are days behind on their talking points right now. There are so many flips and flops happening right now, they can’t keep up. There days old lies that have been completely debunked that are just now making the rounds for some people.


Yeah, all these Fox News hires are really amazing. He keeps hiring a bunch of washed up, wannabes whose 15 minutes are up and are desperate to be relevant. They’re just TV partisans who are more known for being loudmouths than accomplishing much lately.